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Celonis for Supply Chain

Process-led supply chain transformation

The time for supply chain transformation is now. But trying to transform often ends up putting things out of whack. Enter Celonis Process Intelligence: with it, supply chain transformation becomes process-led, so you can get your supply chain working as one by fixing the processes that make it run. Process Intelligence helps you fix each process individually, link everything holistically, and balance your supply chain, finally.

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Supply chain problems are process problems

There’s a great disconnect at the heart of most enterprises. And it’s causing a big issue for supply chains. Supply chains are one mega-process made up of lots of connected micro-processes, all happening in systems that don’t play well together and across departments that speak their own languages — so transforming one link of the supply chain can end up causing issues in other links. 

The solution? Connected processes. 

Celonis Process Intelligence is the first-of-its kind connective tissue for your supply chain, helping you see, understand, and unify your processes, end-to-end while flexibly layering on top of the tools you already use. With Process Intelligence, you can balance containing costs, optimizing cash, and improving service levels; transform your supply chain; and even control how your supply chain affects — and is affected by — the rest of the business.


What does that look like in action?

Improve service levels

Improve on-time, in-full delivery Prioritize and action credit & delivery blocks for key customers 

Reduce stockouts  Identify alternate sources of stock and prioritize based on impact  

Improve supplier reliability   Operate with realistic lead times to ensure uninterrupted supply