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Celonis Studio enhancements make building apps, dashboards and actions easier than ever

Celonis is making it easier for businesses to drive process improvements at scale and speed with updates to its low-code development environment, Celonis Studio. These improvements include a new Studio UI, simplified dashboard creation, more intuitive layout and configuration of components, easier PQL development and more.

“Our reimagined experience makes using Studio easy, even joyful,” said Ardan Arac, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Celonis. “With this big upgrade to Studio experience, we hope analysts can get up and running quickly, and produce beautiful dashboards and apps or get to answers to their questions with ease. “

The Studio updates were just some of the innovations and new platform capabilities Celonis announced at Celosphere 2023, its annual user conference in Munich. During the two-day event, the company also debuted Process Intelligence Graph, Process Copilot, Transformation Hub and a new Material Emissions App.

The Studio changes will be released in limited availability (LA) to select Celonis customers and partners from late November, with general availability in Q1 2024. To request LA access, please reach out to your Celonis representative.

Celonis Studio: A joyful app building experience

Building analyses and apps is critical for value identification and realization with Celonis. Business users, such as an order management team member, access Celonis process insights through capabilities like Process Explorer and Process Adherence Manager (formerly Process Sphere). Studio is where analysts create the analyses, dashboards and automations that deliver those insights through “apps”.

The Studio enhancements announced today make it easier to build apps and analyses with minimal training, offering a guided experience that reduces time-to-build. They also reduce the amount of process mining expertise and Celonis product knowledge required to build effectively.

Celonis Studio drag-and-drop app builder interface animated gif

The new drag-and-drop and drop Studio interface makes building apps and analysis faster and easier than ever before.

Key Celonis Studio improvements

The following major enhancements are designed to make your Studio experience more streamlined and efficient. 

Revamped Studio navigation:

  • Simplified package and asset creation: Minimize user inputs with new templates that pre-populate fields and auto-create assets.

  • New Studio and app landing page: Find assets quickly with fast access to recently-visited packages and apps and a new global search feature.

  • Streamlined asset navigation: Fast navigation between assets based on typical analyst journeys.

Celonis Studio App landing page

New Celonis Studio landing page

Overhauled view creation:

  • Component drag and drop: Quickly and easily place components wherever needed.

  • Component placement: Resize and rearrange components precisely using visual guide lines and magnetism. 

  • Undo/redo feature: Revert the last change with a single click.

Celonis Studio new view editing experience in Studio

New view editing experience in Studio

Intuitive visual editing of components:

  • Component editing: Simplified and intuitive visual editing of components, with data selection and sorting from a single on-screen location.

  • Expanded chart options: Multiple chart types options added, with simple switching between chart types enabled during data visualization.

  • Chart recommendations: Optimal chart type recommendations based on the data to be displayed.

Celonis Studio streamlined component editor, shown on the right

Streamlined component editor, shown on the right

Working with data simplified:

  • Streamlined component and query editing: Launch the PQL editor from individual components as part of component editing and save queries with the component without defining metrics elsewhere.

  • Simplified PQL editing: Validate queries as they’re built using the new PQL editor and sample data.

  • Knowledge (Hub and Model) integration: Browse, choose and use data, metrics, and filters in the PQL editor with the new Knowledge Sidebar.

Celonis Studio PQL editor with the Knowledge Sidebar

New Studio PQL editor with the Knowledge Sidebar

Integrating and configuring actions:

  • Actions in table: Add and configure actions when editing the table component. 

  • Built-in actions: Send emails, create tasks and update augmented attributes using new built-in actions.

  • Email templates: Trigger templated emails from user table selections.

Wiring up action buttons to a table takes only a few clicks in the redesigned Studio.

How to access the new Studio 

Customers and partners selected for the LA release will be able to use all functionality listed above starting at the end of November.

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