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Celonis Transformation Hub: A centralized location for quantifying process improvement value

Transformation is purposeful change that creates measurable value. And process intelligence is essential to identifying, capturing and tracking that value. Today, Celonis unveiled Transformation Hub, a new way for companies to quantify the business impact of their process improvement programs, identify additional optimization opportunities and level up their overall process excellence.

“We envision a world where a customer can shepherd their company's process transformations with Celonis in an entirely self-serve way, from value assessment and prioritizing opportunities to facilitating solution adoption and tracking realized value,” said Dounia Pajoheshfar, Senior Product Marketing Manager with Celonis.

Transformation Hub was one of several new innovations and platform capabilities Celonis announced at Celosphere 2023, its annual user conference in Munich. During the two-day event, the company also debuted Process Intelligence Graph, Process Copilot, major enhancements to the app building experience in Studio and a new Material Emissions App.

Transformation Hub will be generally available to eligible Celonis customers starting in late November. For eligibility requirements, please reach out to your Celonis representative.

Tracking Celonis value creation and visualizing business impact

Celonis provides companies a proven path to value, enabled by its process mining technology, open platform strategy, consumer-grade interface and innovations like Object-Centric Data Model and Process Intelligence Graph.

The value journey begins by using pre-built solutions, like Business Miner, to identify common value opportunities, estimate the value of capturing them and then frame those opportunities by validating the estimates and assessing the time-to-value for each opportunity. Next, Celonis Execution Apps let you realize those identified value opportunities. And finally, Transformation Hub lets you measure and report your progress by tracking value realization over time and visualizing the business impact.

Transformation Hub is the centralized location for quantifying the business impact of Celonis implementations. It helps users to visualize outcomes across processes, objectives and value stages in one convenient place. It provides the following benefits:

  • Single source of truth for value opportunity creation and management: Opportunities can be collaboratively managed in a single place for roadmap planning and progress tracking.

  • Centralized value tracking: Framed and realized value is aggregated across processes and data models in a single place. Snapshots of KPIs are logged so trends over time are retained.

  • Out of the box value tracking and reporting: Value tracking can be easily set up with no code using pre-built formula recommendations and existing KPIs. Value reports are available for a quick overview of program performance and for sharing with stakeholders.

Using Transformation Hub, user can easily answer the following questions:

  1. What are the programs I’m running with Celonis?

  2. How are these programs driving value, and how can I communicate this with executive leadership and process leads?

  3. What other areas should I be thinking about to realize more value, both within a process and in adjacent processes?

Getting started with Transformation Hub: Working capital optimization

Transformation Hub can be used across any process you're optimizing with Celonis. It has out-of-the-box support for Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Inventory Management, Order Management and Procurement, but you can add opportunities for other processes as well.

To illustrate its potential, consider a typical Accounts Payable objective–avoiding early payments. Paying your bills early and avoiding late payment penalties is good, but paying them too early reduces your working capital. You can optimize working capital by removing the early payments (i.e., the value opportunity).

Using Celonis, you’ve identified that your AP department is paying a vendor 5-17 days earlier than necessary to realize a full cash discount. You’ve estimated the size of the opportunity and determined the time-to-value. You’re also using Execution Apps to eliminate the early payments and realize that value. Now you need to track the progress of those efforts. This is precisely what Transformation Hub was designed to do.

Celonis Transformation Hub view opportunities

Value opportunities listed in the Celonis Transformation Hub

From within the Transformation Hub, you can track the progress of all your value opportunities and quickly view important information such as priority, process (e.g., AP, AR, etc.), objective (e.g., early payments), status, tracking time period, framed value and realized value. You can see all your tracked opportunities using the Hub’s convenient spreadsheet-like list view (above) or its dashboard-style Value Report (below).

Celonis Transformation Hub Value Report

Celonis Transformation Hub Value Report

You can also drill down on an individual opportunity for a detailed examination of the framed vs. realized value over time.

Celonis Transformation Hub drill down on single opportunity

Drilling down on a single opportunity in Transformation Hub

Orchestrate process improvement across the organization

Transformation Hub is designed to be the single source of truth for orchestrating process improvement across the organization.

Analysts and Celonis Leads can use it to more easily manage and track the performance of value opportunities. Executive-level users will appreciate the Value Report’s ability to provide visibility into the work of their teams, how value is being quantified and the KPI improvements driving value creation.

Transformation Hub enables the Celonis CoE (center of excellence) to collect and prioritize opportunity ideas from users across the enterprise, manage the opportunities pipeline and sustain value creation. It also allows users to quickly jump to other Celonis products and features, such as exploring new processes in Quick Starts or discovering and framing new opportunities in Business Miner.

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