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Maximizing Digital Workforce Productivity with Intelligent Process Mining

There’s no denying the advantages of a digital workforce, especially in today’s increasingly competitive business marketplace. Agility is the name of the game, and the companies that thrive are the ones that apply their resources intelligently.

There’s one question modern enterprises confront repeatedly, however: Are you doing enough?

For human workers there are salaries, benefits, workplace incentives, job training, and professional growth opportunities. The goal of all of these is to keep those employees happy and productive. But what about digital workers? While “happiness” might not be a concern, how do you ensure their full productivity?

It’s understandable if this isn’t something companies consider more than fleetingly. After all, some of the advantages of digital workers are their adherence to rules, their ability to operate accurately and without exception, and their usefulness in performing rote tasks without risk of dissatisfaction or burnout.

Yet that same constancy means digital workers aren’t exploring alternatives. They’re also not as flexible when things need to shift quickly due to market changes or other disruptions. So, without thoughtful intervention, these instruments of efficiency could stymie a company’s agility in the future.

In a related post hosted by one of our partners, we outlined how you can use process mining technology to enhance your robotic process automation (RPA) initiative. And while many process mining solutions provide insights into your current process performance, the Celonis Action Engine is the first to turn those insights into action that meets your need for both dependability and adaptability in your automation efforts.

One of the key advantages of the Action Engine is that it speaks everybody’s language. With unparalleled insight into all aspects of your process performance, this artificial intelligence operations manager can drive productivity for your entire workforce by:

  • Capturing your real-time data for instant, on-target, objective decision-making.

  • Employing machine learning technology to analyze historical data and probabilities and identify the right action at the right time using the right resources.

  • Examining the impact of digital workers all along the work stream to trigger them when most effective and in this way also enable potential new use cases.

Your workforce should be part of your core company strategy. And while most of us understand investing in human colleagues, it’s just as important to find the best way to properly mobilize digital workers and help your company realize its true operational potential.

Eager to learn more? Check out our webinar “Making RPA and Automation Successful with Intelligent Process Mining Technology.

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Southard Jones
VP, Product Marketing (former)

Southard Jones is the former VP, Product Marketing for Celonis. Prior to Celonis, Southard held various executive product and marketing roles at enterprise software companies in the Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Science market, including Domino Data Lab, Birst, Right 90, and Siebel Analytics.

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