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Process Mining Gains Tremendous Interest in Japan

When we opened our Japan office earlier this year, there had been strong interest in process mining, with a culture that is known to be very focused on processes to increase productivity.

At that time, we had hired Hirotaka Kobayashi to serve as President of the Japan office. Mr. Kobayashi previously served as Founder and President of Genex Partners for 17 years building the consulting firm to over 100 employees. He is an author and industry expert in the area of process consulting and continuous optimization. Natalie Eisenhut, a solution engineer from our Munich office, went to Tokyo to support Mr Kobayashi and help to build a strong initial team.

Last week I was in Japan for our official Japan office launch press conference and I was amazed by the enthusiasm of such a large audience with the passion to learn about process mining. With hundreds registered for the first process mining conference in Japan, the venue was over capacity.

At the event, I was excited to announce that the Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud is now available in a localized Japanese version. Local training programs and academic programs are also underway.

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Also in attendance was Kimio Momose from the renowned Mitsubishi Research Institute, and former local MD of SAS Institute in Japan, who now serves as Celonis strategic advisor. He and the Celonis Academic Alliance worked with the “founder of process mining” and Celonis chief academic advisor Wil van der Aalst, professor at RWTH Aachen University leading the Process and Data Science (PADS) group, to translate his leading textbook on Process Mining into Japanese. We were excited to host Wil as our distinguished guest speaker and his book was clearly in demand.

Excerpt from Process Mining: Data Science In Action

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"Japan is well known for its leading role in quality management, lean manufacturing, and process improvement. After the Second World War, Japan decided to make quality improvement a national imperative as part of rebuilding their economy. This resulted in an amazing quality and productivity boost. The Toyota Production System is a well-known example of this. Lean management also emerged from the Japanese manufacturing industry as a means to minimize waste without sacrificing productivity."

In fact, the traditional strengths of Japan provide an excellent match with the topic of process mining.

An Active Japanese Process Mining Community

We were pleased to have partners in our ecosystem attend and included announcement of partnerships with SAP, Accenture, KPMG, protiviti, Abeam, MRI, MRVS, transcosmos analytics, Itochu Techno Solutions and UiPath.

As a strategic partner, SAP CEO Mr. Fukuda spoke and it was encouraging to hear him share that SAP sees Celonis as a key to release the full potential of data stored in SAP systems to realize the true value of transformation.

We were delighted to gain press coverage and we’re so excited to bring Celonis to Japan, and to continue growing our process mining community. For Bastian and Martin, the other Celonis co-founders, and I this was quite a milestone.

We’re so excited to bring Celonis to Japan, and to continue growing our process mining community. For Bastian and Martin, the other Celonis co-founders, and I this was quite a milestone.


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Alexander Rinke
Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Alex Rinke is co-founder & co-CEO of Celonis, the undisputed leader in process mining and execution management technology. Born out of a university project in Munich, Alex and his co-founders turned the theoretical concept of process mining into a working product, and landed their first client within weeks. Alex and his team successfully grew the company for five years without external funding, scaling rapidly across the globe before raising money. Five years and several rounds later, Celonis has now earned decacorn status, and recently completed the first ever $1bn Series D Round.

Today, Alex steers the global vision and executive team for Celonis, and is an active ambassador for sustainability and equal access to education. Alex firmly believes that by unlocking the world’s processes, we can create a better future for businesses and the planet.

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