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Chevron’s transformation for a low carbon future will be carried by its investment of $10 billion in lowering emissions as well as increasing the use of renewables, and low-carbon technologies. At the same time, Chevron is focused on generating higher returns through disciplined capital expenditure and a costs program that supports reinvestment. This is where Celonis comes in. Celonis Execution Management can accelerate the transformation of Chevron’s business operations and its journey to a greener future by identifying, quantifying, and eliminating inefficiencies in a way that will support cost reduction and the move toward greater sustainability. With end-to-end visibility, you can create streamlined, integrated activities that reduce expenditure. Our process mining technology uses a systematic approach to optimize processes and maximize your capacity to execute. In doing so, you also exponentially increase your potential to reduce waste and lower your carbon intensity. Read on to discover the benefits Celonis brings to Chevron.

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image Chevron

Reduce operations carbon intensity

1. Reduce the carbon footprint of shipments

Identifying the impact of decisions and translating insights into optimization is tough. However, integrating multiple data sources can provide real-time reporting, process transparency and root cause analysis that helps you prioritize orders and offsetting.

Watch the order fulfilment carbon emissions tracking video

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2. Reduce waste in inventory management

When workflows deviate, products and materials get lost. Without timely detection or the ability to change planning parameters, reuse opportunities can be impacted. Celonis can help you gain complete traceability, measure and optimize utilization, and dynamically adjust planning.

3. Reduce waste in production

Systematic scrap and quality check failures create unnecessary waste. As do undetected quality issues and the inability to quantifying improvement potentials. What if you could automate alerts for scrap and quality issues, as well as production line configuration? This could also trigger early checks and even recommend improved supplier selection.

Picture2 - Production

4. Drive sustainable spend in procurement

Slow supplier ratings, difficulty quantifying the impact of decisions, minimal sustainability spend performance insight – all create many challenges for the business. However, Celonis can help trigger and track rating processes, evaluate every purchase order, recommend the most suitable suppliers and report on procurement performance.

Watch the sustainable procurement video.

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Tom Straker, Process Mining Product Manager, Chevron, and Nathaniel Cameron, Process Mining Deployment Lead, Chevron, joined Celosphere 2021 to discuss how they applied Celonis to help established a Process Mining Center of Excellence.

“Celonis have leaned-in with us and we consider them part of our team. The Customer Success Manger even joins our stand ups. They’re part of team and help us architect our strategy.”

– Tom Straker, Process Mining Product Manager, Chevron.


A track record of delivery for Chevron

Celonis has worked with Chevron to deliver tangible benefits:

Rework reduction

Working with the Australia Business Unit at Chevron, Celonis overhauled data quality to provide greater visibility of execution gaps and provided specialized one-to-one coaching.

The result: - 77% reduction in reworked work orders

Employee productivity

Celonis helped Chevron North America realize time allocation savings by optimizing equipment cycle times and maintenance efficiency.

The result: - Identified annual time allocation savings in critical equipment cycle time and maintenance efficiency

Scheduling compliance

With more than one in ten work orders missing their deadline, Chevron faced a twin challenge – lost productivity and a potential compliance failure that threatened its license to operate. Celonis stepped in providing specialized coaching and automated notifications to planners/schedulers of work order status changes. The result: - Employee productivity - Increased PM compliance

Higher returns, lower carbon

“We are now able to watch procurement flows across the globe with a tool called Celonis that sists on top of our SAP system and finds out where inefficiencies exist… It’s quite an amazing thing to be able to do.”

-Murray Auchincloss, Chief Financial Officer, BP

What is the Celonis Execution Management System?

Process mining using the information stored in event logs to analyze and gain control over the underlying processes through which your business functions. Celonis’s world-leading Execution Management System (EMS) is an intelligent layer on top of your existing systems. It leverages process mining technology to extract and analyze event data in real time. Using AI and an in-memory patented database to sift through terabytes of system process and desktop user data, the EMS’s Core Mining Engine creates a “Digital Twin” of Coca Cola. It identifies the execution gaps (bottlenecks, waste, inefficiencies) in your processes, knows which ones have the biggest impact on your execution capacity, and triggers real time automated actions to eliminate those gaps. We can help you to improve Coca Cola piece by piece, in a way that supports your high-level transformation ambitions and generates long-term value.

How it works:

1. Measures execution capacity in real time, identifying execution gaps 2. Knows the best course of action to close those gaps 3. Takes automatic, intelligent action to immediately remove them The Celonis effect

• 22% Shorter throughput time • 15% Higher machine utilization • 19% Higher automation rate

See what others have achieved with Celonis

Maximize process visibility at Chevron for greater control

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