Global virtual event - October 6, 2023

2nd Global Ecosystem Hackathon

Data-driven solutions to help companies tackle their most pressing business transformation challenges are needed more than ever before. 

Join us for our 2nd Global Ecosystem Hackathon, an exclusive virtual event for service partners. Ignite creativity, foster innovation, and create groundbreaking solutions for key use cases. Last year's success with over 45 teams and 23 partners fuels our excitement to build upon that momentum. Don't miss out!


On October 6th, join in virtually (Zoom links and dial-in information to be provided) or in person at one of our locations (Madrid, Bangalore, and New York). Please let us know in the Hackathon registration form, if you would like to join in person. 

Leading up to the event, feel free to contact one of our Solution Engineers to validate your Premium GTM Solution or come and start brainstorming on interesting Celonis Whitespaces use cases. We will make sure you have all the tools needed to refine and improve an engaging use case.

Details on the Event

What can we expect from this Hackathon? 

For the challenge and output, you decide for one of the two following options, depending on your existing experience with Celonis and the use case in mind. To ensure comparability, the solutions for the two categories will be judged separately.

1 - Use Case Ideation 

You will define a new use case in a Celonis Whitespace by bringing ideas focused on non-core Celonis opportunities (examples of industries and use cases can be found in the page 17 of the Guide for Building Solutions). Outline a business challenge, exploring how you would solve this challenge using the EMS (what are the relevant KPIs, realistic automations, data sources, etc.) and identifying the potential impact (e.g. cost savings, efficiency gains or emission reduction). There will be no implementation and technical knowledge required.

We will share an ideation and output template, which will help you throughout researching and defining the use case.

2 - Structure: Premium GTM Apps

You work hands on in the EMS and you have created a first draft for a Premium GTM App within your sandbox or a client environment. A finalized solution is not required! 

Please bring your own data set to work on and let us know in advance details of your use case, to validate it and provide you recommendations.

The goal is to help you to refine an existing app working hands on in the EMS with the support of Celonis´ Solution Engineers (SE) and Ecosystem Consultants (EC). SEs will validate your use case and define recommendations previous the Hackathon. So, you can  implement together the SEs recommendations  with ECs support during the Hackathon.

Timeline for the Hackathon

Up until September 15th
Up until September 15th
Registration and Group Matching

Sign up until September 15th to take part in our 2nd Global Ecosystem Hackathon. We will share further information about the event.

Team Briefing

We will set up a briefing call with your team to walk through the details of the hackathon, answer all open questions and start brainstorming on a use case.

Initial Round - October 6th
Initial Round - October 6th
Hacking Day

At the end of the hacking day, you will share your results in a 10 minute presentation with a small jury. There will be multiple streams taking place in parallel to ensure every team is able to present their outcome. The best team per stream will move on to the global finale.

Global Finale - October 10th
Global Finale - October 10th
Presentation & Awards

On a separate day, the finalists will come together and present their results to our senior panel. We will choose and award the top 3 winners per category (use case ideation and asset development).

Exciting news: This year’s winners will be announced live at Partner Summit on November 13th at Celosphere.

Hackathon Prizes

1st Place

4 x Celosphere Tickets

1 x Celosphere Breakout Session

1 x Celosphere Showcase / Cloud Wars

Ecosystem Hackathon Highlights Blog Post 

Celonis Swag Box

2nd Place

4 x Celosphere Tickets

1 x Celosphere Showcase / Cloud Wars

1 x Ecosystem Hackathon Highlights Blog Post

Celonis Swag Box

3rd place

4 x Celosphere Tickets

1 x Celosphere Cloud Wars

1 x Ecosystem Hackathon Highlights Blog Post

Celonis Swag Box

Evaluation Criteria


How unique is the solution? Is it part of a Celonis Whitespace? Does it leverage some of our newest capabilities? (i.e., OCPM) Bonus evaluation point will be given for OCPM use cases and solutions.


What is the potential impact of the solution? E.g. in terms of cost reduction, efficiency gains, emission reduction, etc.


How feasible is the implementation of the solution at customers?

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Ready to start hacking?

Register your team until September 1st to join in for our hackathon!

QUESTIONS? Contact the Hackathon team at

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