Empower Procurement through Intelligent Process Mining

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Empower Procurement through Intelligent Process Mining

700 businesses are already using intelligent Process Mining to drive down procurement costs ...

Why not join them?

Every business suffers from inefficiencies and disruptions — everything from siloed working to the outbreak of a pandemic disease. Some challenges prevent companies from being fully effective, while others endanger their very survival.

But whether your organisation is frustrated by bottlenecks or threatened by the presence of an innovative start-up, tackling inefficient processes is a transformational way to address these challenges and many more.

We've partnered with the Chartered Institute of Procurement (CIPS) to share advice for Procurement leaders from the experts.

Start transforming your processes today! This eBook covers:

  • How Procurement leaders can obtain the deep insights needed to make smarter, more data-driven decisions

  • Identifying hidden process inefficiencies in real-time with Process Mining technology -reducing manual re-work, optimising spend and increasing productivity

  • How Vodafone achieved a perfect PO rate of 96%, and Deutsche Telekom achieved savings of $55m with Celonis

Armed with an up to date as-is assessment of how your business processes actually run, Procurement can now not only define new KPIs, but also develop an early warning system for any KPIs going off-track.

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