The benefits of Action

Know the right action at the right time

Celonis monitors every business and user activity in the process to intelligently automate workflows, prioritize work by impact, and alert people to their next best action.

Improve productivity with automation

Reduce manual effort with actions that automatically kick-off system automations on a consistent and recurring basis.

Take smart actions with AI-recommended tasks

Ensure the smartest possible decision is made every time, based on machine learning and business logic to respond intelligently to complex conditions.

Learn from every action

Machine-learning algorithms learn from the outcome of each recommendation and improve each day to drive better performance for your business.

Action Features & Capabilities

Action Center

Business users get real-time action recommendations in their Celonis Action Inbox, or sent directly to their collaboration tool of choice.

Screenshot - Action Engine Inbox
Action View and Detail

A modern, consumer-friendly interface enables front-line workers to do all their work in one place, without having to jump between multiple applications.

CM Action
Intelligent Prioritization

Celonis prioritizes work based on the biggest impact to execution capacity, ensuring every front-line worker is focused on what matters most.

AP Action View
AI-Driven Learning

The algorithms learn from the outcomes of each recommended action to improve future recommendations — and ultimately execution capacity — over time.

Screenshot - Action Engine - Learning Signals
Screenshot - Action Engine Inbox
CM Action
AP Action View
Screenshot - Action Engine - Learning Signals
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“The vision I have is that in five years’ time, nobody will need to touch our transactional systems unless Celonis suggests it.”

Peter Tasev - Senior VP of Procure-to-Pay
Deutsche Telekom Services Europe

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