The benefits of Process Discovery

Instant insight into all process variations

Automatically visualize and understand your processes in all their complexity through your system data — step-by-step, and in real-time.

Complete clarity into all execution gaps

Get not just transparency, but clarity and objective certainty about the areas of your process that aren’t working, and the ones that are.

Intuitive visibility into processes

Understand the ins and outs of any process with a process-specific, ultra-intuitive UI and powerful process selection component.

AI-enhanced awareness of root causes of gaps

Detect process variants and their underlying causes automatically with AI-driven root-cause analysis.

Process Discovery Features & Capabilities

"Happy Path" Discovery

Start by seeing the most common path that cases take as they move through the process.

Screenshot - Process Analytics Visualization
Variant and Gap Discovery

Visualize and explore every variant of your process — right down to the last deviation and gap.

Screenshot - Automation Scout
Upstream Root Cause Analysis

Leverage AI to get instant knowledge into the root causes of execution gaps, so you can take action to eliminate them in future, maximizing execution capacity.

Screenshot - Benchmarking
Process Compliance & Vulnerability Detection

Discover the variables that contribute to execution gaps and affect speed, quality, cost, and compliance.

Screenshot - Analytics Customization
Screenshot - Process Analytics Visualization
Screenshot - Automation Scout
Screenshot - Benchmarking
Screenshot - Analytics Customization

“Celonis supports business execution at Uber by allowing us to look at processes all over the world and measure them in the same objective way. From there we can actually determine what our true performance levels are and work on improving them.”

Don Williams - Senior Program Manager, Global Process Excellence

The benefits of Process Analytics

Deep understanding of the impact of execution gaps

Analyze how execution gaps in your process affect your key business outcomes, using pre-configured KPIs or by creating and tracking your own unique metrics.

Reduced manual effort and rework

Automate smarter with intelligent automation by identifying the right opportunities at the right time — not just any opportunities.

Know how you perform against benchmarks

See how your execution capacity compares across departments, regions, teams, and industry benchmarks, so you can apply best practices and increase capacity accordingly.

Process Analytics Features & Capabilities

Rich Analytic Visualizations

Get a complete set of analytic visualizations along with interactive process exploration tools, to help you identify execution gaps and their causes.

Screenshot - Process Analytics Visualization
Automation Scout

Celonis automatically identifies manual process steps in the process, and highlights the ones that will benefit from automation and have the largest impact on key KPIs.

Screenshot - Automation Scout
Best-Practice Benchmarking

Benchmark across any timeframe or dimension (region, team, department, etc.), so you can apply learnings across the company.

Process Conformance
Drag-and-Drop Customization

Design your data analysis to meet your unique business needs, with an extensive library of charts and graphs at your disposal for maximum visual impact.

Screenshot - Analytics Customization
Screenshot - Process Analytics Visualization
Screenshot - Automation Scout
Process Conformance
Screenshot - Analytics Customization
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“The introduction of Process Mining has started a revolution. A new breakthrough in data analysis never available before.”

Amir Kodzadziku - Data Scientist Sales Management B2C

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