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AP Steering

To maximize execution capacity, you need a strategy based on strong analysis with specific goals and process standards. The Celonis Strategy capabilities let you create Digital Twin of your Organization (DTO) via knowledge and process models. You can run simulations, set KPIs and targets, and document processes to ensure you constantly steer your business towards maximum capacity.

The benefits of Strategy

Align strategy and execution

Document your targets, best-practice or custom-built KPIs, and business dimensions in a single place and ensure each action taken is aligned to your overarching goals.

Enhance human decision-making

Put machine learning to work to identify patterns and execution gaps based on best practices and your unique business conditions.

Explore every scenario before acting

Simulate process scenarios based on different situations by creating a Digital Twin of your organization, and ensure every action at every step is the right one.

Strategy Features & Capabilities

Best-practice KPIs or build-your-own

Use pre-packaged KPIs, or create your own to measure your execution capacity with the KPI Editor. They will be automatically integrated into your process model.

AP Steering
Knowledge Models

Build a complete knowledge model of your business, with KPIs, targets, dimensions, variables, and more to ensure your processes operate the way you want them to.

knowledge model
Process Repository

Manage a centralized environment of documented formalized processes, including imported BPMN models.

Process Repository
Process Simulations

Use advanced machine learning to simulate various process scenarios and run โ€œWhat-ifโ€ analyses to plan the best course of action in every situation.

AP Steering
knowledge model
Process Repository
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โ€œWhen we started using Celonis, we were seeking to understand the health of our processes and gain insights around bottlenecks and opportunities with Order to Cash, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable processes. Rather than simple dashboards and metrics, Celonis provides visibility to the underlying drivers of those metrics, enabling insights to areas of friction.โ€

Barbara Infante - Director, Business Process & Data Insights
Becton Dickinson (BD)

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