Execution Management Platform

Action Flows

The EMS is an execution management system โ€” and action is at the heart of execution. Action Flows allow you to easily automate tasks, as well as, implement more advanced automations by infusing real-time analytics through process mining.

Smart Order Prioritization

How Action Flows work


Through process mining, identify which execution gaps can be eliminated or prevented using automation.


Define the business rules and logic that will trigger automation based on data-driven insights.


Build automations to take action directly in your source systems, send alerts to the right people or even trigger RPA.


Continuously monitor the effects of automations and adjust as needed.

15M Daily Automations

Automation + Analytics

The only real-time automation engine integrated with the worldโ€™s best process mining engine

Fully scalable

Scale your teams with pre-built automations for 700+ web applications across lines of business.

Easy for anyone to use

Speed up adoption with a simple drag-n-drop interface, attracting 20k new users a month


Use real-time business logic to evaluate billions of records with Celonisโ€™ hyper-performance in-memory database, so you can make decisions on which action to take and when.

Automation View

Create automations in just a few clicks with our pre-built connectors and easy interface, enabling Celonis to automatically take action in your systems for you.

Action Flow Use Case 2

Scale easily with fast and reliable API-led automation. Benefit from 10,000 pre-built automations across 700+ applications, including out-of-the-box actions for common use cases.

Action Flow Use Case 1

Audit automation in real time with automation discovery and impact analysis, as well as advanced error handling and debugging.

Automation Monitor
Automation View
Action Flow Use Case 2
Action Flow Use Case 1
Automation Monitor
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โ€œCelonis enables us to understand the impact of early deliveries and early payment on working capital across 500+ vendors, and trigger immediate actions to free up working capital.โ€

Stefan Maurer
VP Enterprise Effectiveness
Avnet, Inc.

Explore the EMS capabilities

Discover the full suite of Execution Management capabilities available in our platform and embedded into every app.

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