Execution Management Platform

Planning and Simulation

Planning and simulation allows the Celonis EMS to look ahead, so you can make better decisions and define your strategy. Simulate how changes in your processes are going to impact business outcomes, and plan accordingly.

Process Simulation Scenario Configuration

How Planning and Simulation works


Create a parametric digital twin directly from your data, eliminating any guesswork or subjectivity


Adjust the parameters of the digital twin to simulate what-if scenarios


Codify successful what-if scenarios into a to-be process model


Continuously monitor improvement against the to-be model

500k ML Scripts Executed

Plan the most impactful actions

Process thousands of simulations, so you know the one action that unlocks the most capacity

Predict the consequences

Understand what new downstream gaps in execution may crop up as a result of solving upstream process problems

100% objectivity

No whiteboards. No sticky notes.  No process modeling in a vacuum. Just reliable, fact-based simulation that gets better and better with more data


Use advanced machine learning to simulate various process scenarios and run ‘what if’ analyses to plan the best course of action in every situation.

Planning & Simulation - Simulation Results

Import an existing process model or create one directly from your systems using process mining. Store additional documentation to make onboarding new joiners a breeze.

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After simulating process changes and codifying them in a process model, continuously monitor your progress to make sure you stay on track.

Planning & Simulation - Conformance
Planning & Simulation - Simulation Results
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Planning & Simulation - Conformance

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