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Process and Task Mining

World-class Process and Task Mining gives you the Celonis X-ray and shows you exactly what is happening in your business. It’s easy to use, powerful and highly scalable.

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How Process and Task Mining work


Process and Task Mining starts by visually reconstructing your as-is process from transactional system data (event logs). System data is augmented with data from Celonis Task Mining, which adds context from desktop tasks to give a complete view of the end-to-end process.


Process metadata is linked to the analysis — like customer, vendor, and inventory lists. This enables users to drill down into the data based on any element of the process.


Over 400+ pre-built analyses can be deployed over the data model to deliver immediate insights for key processes and use cases. Customize with easy drag-and-drop dashboarding and the industry standard Process Query Language (PQL).

We are Process Mining

The market leader

We’re the gold standard for process mining for the Fortune 500 and for organizations of all sizes, in any industry.

Easy to get started

With industry-standard process query language (PQL) and machine-learning capabilities

Fast and scalable

Hyper-performance in-memory database that outperforms industry standard by 8x


Get a complete set of analytic visualizations with 30+ drag-and-drop visualisation components, along with interactive process exploration tools to identify execution gaps and their causes.

Rich Analytic Visualizations

Celonis automatically identifies manual process steps in the process, and highlights the ones that will benefit from automation and have the largest impact on key KPIs.

Automation Scout - Task Mining Analysis (Copy and Paste behavior)

Benchmark internally across any timeframe or dimension (region, team, department, etc.), as well as externally against your industry peers, so you can apply learnings across the company.


Design your data analysis to meet your unique business needs, with an extensive library of charts and graphs at your disposal for maximum visual impact.

Drag-n-drop customization

Collect desktop user data by capturing user clicks, application actions, and screenshots. The textual data is grouped into ‘activities’ through clustering algorithms, and provides a means to understand and analyze user patterns and behaviors. Celonis connects desktop user data with system process data for a complete process view.


Understand how processes influence each other with modular and extensible data models that tackle challenges such as parallelism and data duplication. Fully merge event logs automatically, and create complex graph networks through our new Multi Object Link.

Multi-Event Log
Rich Analytic Visualizations
Automation Scout - Task Mining Analysis (Copy and Paste behavior)
Drag-n-drop customization
Multi-Event Log

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