Execution Management Platform

Real Time Data Ingestion

Data is the lifeblood of the EMS. Connect to and gather time-stamped event logs from operational systems and user clicks on desktops in real time to understand your operations like never before.

Celonis Real-Time Data Ingestion

How Real Time Data Ingestion works


Extract all the process data from your on-prem and cloud-based ERPs, CRMs, data warehouses, productivity tools, and desktop activities


Turn raw data into meaningful insights by putting it into business context using our transformation engines


Create a data model that represents the multiple connected systems and store it in our powerful in-memory database so it’s ready for process and task mining

160TB processed daily

Turn data into insight

The world’s only real-time EMS data platform processing over 160TB every day

Get started fast

Liberate data from over 3,000 unique source systems with pre-built process connectors

Keep your data safe

Enterprise-strength across security, access management, sign on and deployment


Celonis extracts system process data (or digital footprints) from cloud, enterprise and legacy systems in the form of event logs. Process connectors deliver pre-built extraction and transformation capabilities for every type of source system.

100+ Pre-Built Process Connectors

Automate data extraction and transformation to meet the needs of your business with customizable scheduling capabilities — so your execution is based on up-to-date information at all times.

Real time data connections

Celonis transforms noisy system data into process models with pre-built, system- and process-specific transformation recipes. You can also build your own using drag-and-drop wizards, no custom scripting required.

Simplified Data Transformation

Easily manage and update all of the task mining agents running on employee desktops — no need to manually configure or work with individual agents to get an overview of how work happens.

Task Mining Admin Cockpit

Easily create reusable data extractors for any system that offers a REST API. The low-code extractor builder supports all major authentication and authorization methods, including OAuth2 authentication flows, and automatically tags and contextualizes relevant data coming out of the connected systems.

Extractor Builder
100+ Pre-Built Process Connectors
Real time data connections
Simplified Data Transformation
Task Mining Admin Cockpit
Extractor Builder

Explore the EMS capabilities

Discover the full suite of Execution Management capabilities available in our platform and embedded into every app.

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