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From ordering to invoicing, we help you get the most out of your supply chain. See which vendors are most dependable, uncover the reasons for maverick buying, take advantage of discounts for on-time payments and more.

Order to cash

Your reliability impacts your reputation. Discover where orders are delayed and why, determine areas where automation would improve speed and quality, ensure accurate invoicing and more.

Customer service

In the end, your success hinges on the satisfaction of your customers. Track the time it takes to resolve issues, investigate problematic patterns, benchmark for best practices and more.
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Schlumberger Webinar: Making ERP rollouts faster and more reliable

Companies are always looking for an edge in todayโ€™s competitive marketplace, and for many that means upgrading to a faster, more responsive and reliable ERP. With challenges that include legacy systems, geographical diversity and process and system variances, Schlumberger is finding success in their new ERP initiative by using Celonis to achieve a faster rollout, shorter hypercare period and overall greater operating stability.

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On average, our customers achieve the following:

25% savings in process costs

Eliminate hidden inefficiencies, deviations and bottlenecks for significant savings.

37% faster throughput time

Find the fastest process paths to increase speed.

30% increase in efficiency

Work smarter to avoid rework, improve automation rates and implement e-business.
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Schlumberger Webinar: Making ERP rollouts faster and more reliable

In this webinar, Jim Brady from Schlumberger will share insights in how they have used Celonis for a faster and more reliable ERP rollout.
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Featuring Forrester: Operationalizing Process Change in Your Customer Journey.
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Process Transformation at Merck

Merck was able to establish a framework for automation that helped to determine the optimal path for selection and implementation.
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Ovum - On the Radar

The report takes a closer look at our current market position and why companies should put our enterprise software on their radar.
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Gartner Market Guide for Process Mining

In the Market Guide for Process Mining, Gartner evaluates process mining and shows, why this new technology is also a breakthrough for your company.
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SIEMENS' fast lane to RPA success

Learn from Siemens how they use Process Mining to assess process maturity and current automation rates!
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