Genpact and Celonis Partner to Provide Process Change Roadmaps that Accelerate Enterprise Digital Transformation

The future of operations is here.

The Action Engine is the AI-powered operational hub you need to transform the way your business runs. Engage your entire organization in the Intelligent Business Cloud experience and help everyone act more productively, consistently and customer-focused.


Think of the Action Engine as the operational engine of your transformation journey.

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Action Engine empowers everyone.

Action Engine is versatile enough to span your entire organizationโ€“from associates to executives and simple processes to the most complex.

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Action Engine is a fast learner.

Action Engine naturally integrates AI and Machine Learning, and setup of new use cases is easy.

Learn from processes

Powered by the Process Mining Technology, Action Engine uses valuable process data which is not available in other solutions.

Learn from as-is data

Action Engine analyzes and predicts based on as-is cycle times rather than static master data.

Learn from user feedback

Action Engine provides a feedback channel to the business user for a dynamic optimization of the best course of action.

Action Engine is unique.

Action Engine perfectly supports your transformation journey.

Full end-to-end view

Action Engine works across modules, systems, and processes.

As-is based analysis

Findings are based on as-is cycle times and process patterns.

Proactive recommendations

Action Engine continuously analyzes your data to give proactive recommendations.

Execution engine

Actions can be triggered directly in your source systems.

High involvement

Action Engine empowers everyone to contribute to your overall goals.

Easy configuration

Action Engine can be configured without technical know-how.


Action Engine increases automation.

Action Engine not only powers your human but also your digital workforce.

Process-based triggers

Based on your as-is process flows, Action Engine intelligently triggers the right RPA bot at the right time.

Extended domain

Given the digital workforce you already have, Action Engine helps you to broaden its domain of application and raises your automation rate.

Seamless integration

Action Engine offers a universal approach to trigger RPA bots out of arbitary source systems without system-specific integration efforts.

What our customers say

The German electronics component distributor Schukat uses Celonis to improve the service for its customers and to gain an edge over their competitors.

"I believe that within a few years every company will need software like Celonis to survive the market."

Georg Schukat
Owner and CEO, Schukat Electronic
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Adding value with our App Store

The best assistants organize, plan, execute and grow with experience. The Action Engine starts out strong, and with our intelligent apps only gets stronger.
Each process and app you download from the App Store comes with a set of related skills for your Action Engine, ensuring you get the most out of your data.

Meet Action Engine

Get to know the Action Engine and its capabilities.

What's next in your transformation journey?

The skyโ€™s the limit on what our Intelligent Business Cloud can do for you. Check out more benefits for your business.


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