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The Celonis Action Engine is a new kind of process excellence toolโ€”an AI-powered process assistant that constantly analyzes data, and then sends signals to everyone involved to let them know that they need to take action to get a process back on track. You can even set up rules to let Action Engine take corrective action on its own, kicking off automations to update fields in underlying systems.

Mining your processes is just the beginningโ€”with the Action Engine, you can now you can turn those insights into real-time, automated actions, so your processes just keep getting better and better.

Screenshot - Action Engine

How Does Celonis Action Engine Work?

Empower everyone with real-time recommendations

Mobilize employees to work smarter by arming them with Action Engine as their always-on process assistant. Now every employee can start their day with recommended actions for correcting potential process issues.

Take the next-best-action right on time

Never miss an opportunity to improve your process outcomes. Action Engineโ€™s process-aware and always-on trigger watches every business and user activity in the process, and interjects with โ€œnext-best-actionโ€ alerts or direct actions in real-time.

Apply AI-driven actions in an instant

Ensure the smartest possible decision is made at each step in the process with Action Engine Skills, based on machine learning AI or business logic to respond intelligently to complex conditions.

Automatically apply learnings from processes

Reduce manual effort and cross-systems errors when taking the next-best-action by automating the action in the downstream systems. Action Engine integrates directly with Celonis Process Automation to ensure actions can be taken automatically, regardless of system.

Action Engine Features & Capabilities

Action Engine works alongside your teams to achieve operational flow, by providing AI-powered next-best-action recommendations at each step in the process.

Screenshot - Action Engine Signals

Action Engine Skills

Use machine learning or business logic to create โ€œskillsโ€ that are process-aware, and receive next-best-action recommendations based on various inputs from a variety of data sources.

Screenshot - Action Engine Signals
Screenshot - Action Engine Inbox

Celonis Inbox: Next-Best-Action Recommendations

Celonis Inbox shows real-time recommendations to employeesโ€”on any device and at any point in the processโ€”when their attention is needed to take corrective action.

Screenshot - Action Engine Inbox
Screenshot - Action Engine - Integration

Cross-System Integration and Automation

Directly trigger actions in any system, with integration from Celonis Action Engine to Process Automation, which uses APIs and pre-built integrations to directly input or change data in IT systems.

Screenshot - Action Engine - Integration
Screenshot - Action Engine - Learning Signals

AI-Driven Learning

Action Engine learns over time, watching the outcome of each recommended action, and uses this data to update future recommendations in order to make outcomes better and better over time.

Screenshot - Action Engine - Learning Signals
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โ€œI believe that within a few years every company will need software like Celonis to survive the market.โ€

Georg Schukat
Owner and CEO
Schukat Electronic

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