Event Collection & Real-Time Data Feeds

Celonis Event Collection is the first step on your Process Mining journey. With Event Collection, you can connect to process data in your underlying source systems to understand your operations like never before. Gather time-stamped event logs from operational systems across your entire digital footprint. Quickly and securely transform source system data into process models.

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How Does Event Collection Work?

Create a complete, objective view of all business processes

Celonis transforms business event data (โ€œdigital footprintsโ€) from your IT systems into Event Logs.

Understand your business processes at a molecular level

Celonis automatically develops a process model with Process Mining AI that reveals every step of your process.

Gain insights in real time

Celonis can process billions of individual events and provide instant process insights in real time.

Get started faster than ever

With over 30 pre-built connectors and open APIs you can start enhancing your processes in weeks.

Event Collection Features & Capabilities

See your processes in a whole new way by transforming disparate IT system data into business process models.

Screenshot - Connectors

80+ Pre-Built Process Connectors

Celonis extracts business event data (or digital footprints) from cloud, enterprise and legacy systems in the form of event logs. Our library of 80+ process connectors include pre-built extraction and transformation to accelerate your Process Mining journey. We have extraction capabilities for every type of source system, including pre-built system and database connections, a secure API and flat file uploads.

Screenshot - Connectors
Screenshot - Real-Time Event Collection

Real-Time Data Connections

Sense friction and identify real-time, contextual actions using our real-time data connections. Automate data extraction and transformation to meet the needs of your business with customizable scheduling capabilities.

Screenshot - Real-Time Event Collection
Screenshot - Transformations

Simplified Data Transformation

Process Mining AI transforms the noisy system data into process models with pre-built, system- and process-specific transformation recipes and allows for custom recipes to be built using drag-and-drop wizards. No custom scripting.

Screenshot - Transformations
Screenshot - Data Models

Immediate Process Model Insights

An in-memory engine provides instant insight on the process models, handling billions of records, all in a secure encrypted data store.

Screenshot - Data Models
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โ€œI believe that within a few years, every company will need software like Celonis to survive the market.โ€

Georg Schukat
Owner and CEO of Schukat Electronic
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