Genpact and Celonis Partner to Provide Process Change Roadmaps that Accelerate Enterprise Digital Transformation

Event Collection from Celonis

Make your data work for you, in a format that lets you
Discover, enhance, and monitor your business processes


Transform Your Business in 3 Simple Steps

Every action taken by your business leaves a trace, and is stored by your IT and operational systems. Event Collection automatically collects these โ€œdigital footprints,โ€ and uses their data to create a fully-transparent view of all your processes. Then, Celonis uses these logs to provide the insights you need to make the best business decisions possible in optimizing your operations.


Event Collection links to any IT system through a vast variety of innovative connectors


With cutting-edge AI technology, it takes is a few clicks to start mining the digital footprints in your operational systems.


Get the insights you need to start optimizing your processes, as Event Collection unifies all data collected across all your systems for full transparency.

Watch Event Collection in Action

See how Event Collection empowers your business with cutting-edge process mining technology.

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