Machine Learning

Machine Learning is used to uncover patterns and deep root causes of friction across process data from millions of cases and disparate systems. Built with Jupyter notebooks, Celonis Machine Learning directly integrates Python predictive models into the Celonis platform. Dive deeper than ever into big process data by combining complex process models with cutting-edge machine learning.

Screenshot - Machine Learning Workbench - data sets

How Does Machine Learning Work?

Infuse processes with machine-based intelligence

Use the power of machine learning AI to take into account every last variable that could impact the outcome of a process, and receive smart, fact-based recommendation for your next-best-action that optimizes for your desired business outcome.

Uncover process insights that humans canโ€™t find

Processes that span multiple systems with hundreds of variants are hard to diagnose and make it almost impossible for one person alone to pinpoint areas of friction. Use Celonis Machine Learning to find and pull the levers that will have the biggest effect on the process outcome.

No data science degree required

Celonis Machine Learning comes with pre-built models and packages built to uncover insights and enhance specific processes. For example, deploy the pre-built free-text processing model that uses Machine Learning to speed up free-text order processingโ€”without the need for a data scientist to create a custom free-text processing model.

Future-proof predictive process models

Implement predictive models in your process to proactively avoid downstream friction. For example, you can implement a late-delivery prediction model in your order management process based around orders that have a high likelihood of late delivery, so that you can take action before itโ€™s too late.

Machine Learning Features & Capabilities

The Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud brings the worlds of machine learning and process excellence together like never before.

Screenshot - Jupyter Notebooks - ML Workbench

On-Demand Jupyter Notebook

Celonis Machine Learning is integrated into the Intelligent Business Cloud, as a fully hosted and managed Jupyter Notebook, ready at the click of a mouse. Get instant access to on-demand compute power and the latest Python packagesโ€”all with no installs, no maintenance, and no server requests.

Screenshot - Machine Learning Workbench - data sets

Machine Learning-Ready Data Sets

Skip the painful process of cleansing and preparing the data with instant access Celonis Event Logs, which are ideally structured for machine learning. Start building, training, and deploying predictive models in minutes.

Screenshot - Python Packages - ML Workbench

Pre-Built Process Mining Python Packages

You donโ€™t need to be a data scientist to use Celonis Machine Learning. Leverage ready-to-use Python packages, built specifically to handle process mining use cases, including late delivery prediction, free-text order processing, duplicate invoices avoidance, and more.

Screenshot - ML Workbench - scheduler

ModelOps for Process Mining

Leave behind infrastructure headaches and model operations overhead. Machine Learning manages the entire model lifecycle, from building, to training, to deploying, to refining - all in the Cloud. With access to scalable computing, scheduled model runs, data pipelines, and model training, data scientists can spend more time focusing on model impact and less time on administration.

Screenshot - ML Workbench - Recommendations

Embeddable Machine Learning

Celonis Machine Learning can be embedded in any area of the Celonis platform, including cleansing messy data from source systems, discovering hidden friction points in your process, and recommending next-best-actions through the Action Engine.

Tobias Unger

โ€œWe believe that process mining is not only fundamentally transforming business process management and optimization but also smart automation and robotics workforce across all industries. With Celonis we have a partner that is at the forefront of Process Mining and Business Transformation.โ€

Tobias Unger
Head of AI & Automation Central Europe

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