Genpact and Celonis Partner to Provide Process Change Roadmaps that Accelerate Enterprise Digital Transformation

Evaluate how you operate.

Once you know how things run, you need the right information to help things run even better. Process Analytics provides the insights that allow you to see the meaning behind the process so you can capture every opportunity for improvement.


How do you know what steps to take?

Seeing is believing, but thatโ€™s just the beginning. Effective analytics provide the who, why, and where to go next.

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Process Analytics

From discovery to insight. Review side-by-side results of the what and why of your process so you can prioritize improvements.

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Root cause analysis

Drill down deep with dashboards that highlight reasons behind process variations and help you solve issues before they even arise.

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KPI management

What do you need to measure success? Explore recommendations for pre-configured KPIs or create and track ones unique to your needs.

Automation potentialSlow throughput timeAutomatedReworkBottleneckHigh conversionProcess deviationCompliance issueHigh conformanceSlow throughput timeUnnecessary activityAutomatedRework

Conformance check

Is everything going according to plan? Intelligent machine learning checks current process performance against your reference process model to make the correct adjustments.

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Best practice benchmark

Select what makes you strongest. Compare internal operations to find the best practices that will benefit your entire organization.

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Social analytics

Strengthen team performance and interactions.

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Bespoke doesnโ€™t begin to describe it. Design your data analysis to your specifications to gain the most from your insights.

Drag-and-drop functionality gives you exactly what you need to address your unique business concerns.

An extensive library of charts and graphs helps you create the most effective visual impact with your data.

Freedom from programming: Use PQL to easily communicate with our process mining technology.

What our customers say

Innogy is a leading European energy company striving for a more innovative use of energy and a higher quality of life through sustainable living. Thanks to Celonis Process Mining, Innogy can now fully visualize its actual processes and understand root causes and interrelations in the process data.

"The introduction of Process Mining has started a revolution. A new breakthrough in data analysis never available before."

Amir Kodzadziku
Data Scientist Sales Management B2C, Innogy SE
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Business transformation apps for Process Analytics

Developed based on experiences of customers like you, our apps provide the quick start you need to gain immediate results. Once youโ€™ve seen whatโ€™s possible, youโ€™ll think of even more use cases to explore.

Explore Process Analytics

Learn more about making the most of your process insights.

What's next in your transformation journey?

The skyโ€™s the limit on what our Intelligent Business Cloud can do for you. Check out more benefits for your business.


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