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Process Analytics is a new kind of analysis that doesnโ€™t just show you how your processes are performing, but also what you need to do to help them perform better. Use Celonis Process Analytics to uncover points of friction and understand exactly which actions you need to take to turn them into operational flow.

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How Does Process Analytics Work?

Understand the impact of process friction on your KPIs

Process Analytics goes beyond basic process efficiency metrics like throughput time calculation, to show you how friction in your process affects your key business outcomes. Use pre-configured KPIs or create and track your own unique metrics.

Identify the upstream root causes of friction

AI-powered root-cause analysis drills deep to highlight the upstream causes of process variations, so that you can prevent those issues in the future with tools like Celonis Action Engine.

Reduce manual effort and rework through automation

Automation scout capabilities direct your process improvement efforts, so you can automate smarter with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and other types of automation by focusing on the steps that matter.

Increase compliance and reduce risk

Automated Conformance Checking, based on Process Mining AI, evaluates current process performance against your reference process model and instantly highlights areas that fail to conform, so you can drive process standardization.

Compare process performance across departments and against benchmarks

Process Benchmarking enables you to see how your process performance compares across departments, regions, teams, and even compared to industry-leading companies, so you can apply best practices and increase process standardization.

Process Analytics Features & Capabilities

Set the course of action that will optimize your processes for business outcomes.

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Rich Analytic Visualizations

Process Analytics provides a complete set of analytic visualizations, with a interactive process exploration tools, to help you discover your friction points.

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Process Outcome KPIs

The Celonis KPI editor allows you to use pre-packaged KPIs, designed for each business process, or create your own KPIs to measure your process outcome. Celonis automatically integrates those KPIs into the process model, and shows you what levers to pull to optimize those outcomes.

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Upstream Root Cause Analysis

Process Analytics is designed to not only find friction points, but, more importantly, to guide you to the upstream root causes, so you can plan the actions that will prevent those issues in the future.

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Automation Scout

Celonis automatically identifies manual steps in the process, and highlights those that where automation will have the largest impact on key KPIs. Now, you know where to automate (with either RPA or Process Automation) and reduce manual effort, andโ€”just as importantโ€”you know which steps wonโ€™t benefit from automation.

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Conformance Checker

Celonis uses machine learning to determine the specific root causes of deviations from your desired process. Leverage Celonis โ€œHappy Pathโ€ and white-listing capabilities to create your optimal process or upload a BPML-compliant model.

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Best Practice Benchmarking

Celonis Process Analytics provides rich benchmarking capabilities, allowing you to benchmark across any timeframe or dimension (region, team, department, etc.), so you can apply learnings across the company.

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Drag-and-Drop Customization

Celonis provides a user-friendly, drag-and-drop Analytics Design Studio. Design your data analysis to meet your unique business needs and concerns. An extensive library of charts and graphs helps you create the most effective visual impact with your data.

Amir Kodzadziku

โ€œThe introduction of Process Mining has started a revolution. A new breakthrough in data analysis never available before.โ€

Amir Kodzadziku
Data Scientist Sales Management B2C

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