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To optimize your process outcomes, you have to know your processes inside and out. Celonis Process Discovery gives you an easy, visual, interactive way to explore every step of every process, so you can identify points of friction. Know whatโ€™s holding you back, and how you can move forward with new opportunities to increase revenue, free up capital, ensure customer satisfaction.

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How does Celonis Process Discovery work?

Instant insight into all process variations

Process Discovery automatically derives your most common process. No workshops, no whiteboards, no lengthy process mapping exercises. Watch as your process unfolds, step-by-step, automatically from your system data.

Identify points of friction and inefficiency

Celonis provides more than transparency; it gives you clarity and objective certainty about the areas of your process that arenโ€™t working and the ones that are.

Visualize processes easily and intuitively

With a process-specific, ultra-intuitive UI and powerful process selection component, anyone can understand the ins and outs of any process. No data science degree required.

Uncover root causes of process deviations

AI-driven root-cause analysis automatically detects the process variants and their underlying causes.

Process Discovery in Action

Discover what youโ€™ve been missing: complete transparency into whatโ€™s working in your business processes and what could use work.

Screenshot - Happy Path Discovery

"Happy Path" Discovery

Start by seeing the most common path that cases take as they move through the process.

Screenshot - Variant Discovery

Variant Discovery

Visualize and explore every variant of your process โ€” right down to the last deviation.

Screenshot - Vulnerability Detection

Vulnerability Detection

Discover the variables that contribute to process deviation and affect speed, quality, cost, and compliance.

Barbara Infante

โ€œWhen we started using Celonis, we were seeking to understand the health of our processes and gain insights around bottlenecks and opportunities with Order to Cash, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable processes. Rather than simple dashboards and metrics, Celonis provides visibility to the underlying drivers of those metrics, enabling insights to areas of friction.โ€

Barbara Infante
Director, Business Process & Data Insights
Becton Dickinson (BD)
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