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There's an Intelligent Business Cloud edition for every process miner.

Snap Free

The world's first free and open process mining platform. Get started in minutes and see your processes like never before.


  • Free
  • Designed for small businesses, startups, and individual users

Top capabilities:

  • Visualize processes from data in ServiceNow and spreadsheets
  • Discover friction points in your process and quantify their business impact
  • Load up to 500 MB of event log data from a CSV/XLS file or ServiceNow
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Unleash advanced features of Celonis, to discover friction points, enhance your processes, and monitor the positive business impact fron the changes. Join the Superfluid movement.


  • Designed for enterprise and mid-market companies
  • Contact us for packages

Top capabilities:

  • Visualize processes from data in any source application (SAP, Oracle,, custom-built, etc...)
  • Discover friction points and prioritize improvements based on their business impact
  • Enhance processes with trigger-based intelligent actions using business rules and machine learning
  • Monitor and present business value from transformed processes
  • Load data on a scheduled or a one-time basis
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Full use of Celonis for students, researchers and instructors at academic institutions and schools to empower the Process Miners of tomorrow and enhance teaching and research.


  • Free
  • Designed for students, teachers and researchers and instructors affiliated with an academic institution

Top capabilities:

  • Includes capabilities for process discovery, conformance checking and enhancement
  • Designed for use in classroom as well as self-learning
  • Integrated learning and teaching materials
  • Digital classrooms for lectures and learning groups
  • Preloaded exemplary data to start right away
  • Loading of unlimited event log data from a CSV/XLS/XES or connections to demo systems (like SAP for universities)
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Celonis for Consulting

To all Consultants: Digitize your process discovery in consulting, audit and tax services to boost your win rate and secure follow-up projects. Use Celonis to deliver fact-based and data-driven consulting services.


  • Designed for consultants delivering process improvement projects
  • Free account โ€” Contact us for details on project based licensing model

Top capabilities:

  • New business opportunities
  • Demo Environment to boost your win rate
  • On-demand self service for consulting license
  • 100% end-to-end client process transparency
  • Out of the box connectors and apps
  • Innovative services and valuable insights for clients
  • Usable for every process in every company in every industry
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Academic Edition
Educational institution or nonprofit? Claim your free Celonis Academic Edition license.
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