Accelerating Business Excellence with C4C+

Since celosphere, we, at Celonis have revolutionized the way the profesionasll service and consulting world works. How? With Celonis for Consulting+ (C4C+)! C4C+ empowers every consultant to deliver intelligent, results-driven automation to their clients leveraging process mining, machine learning and systems integration.

Now we go one step further to ensure you are equipped with all the tools and resources you need to be successful across service line: With our new Digital Consulting Webinar Series!

Every Friday at 3pm CET / 9am EST we will cover a number of exemplary topics that enable professional services and consultancies to provide appropriate solutions for a wide variety of service line.

Register here to attend the webinars to unlock new business opportunities and extend client engagements!


Audit Transformation with C4C+
January 28, 2022
Join the latest C4C+ session to learn how you can leverage the EMS for your audit engagements. We want to specifically showcase how Celonis can help you to speed up and increase the efficiency of your audit engagements due to a data-driven full population testing approach while maintaining excellent audit quality.
HR Transformation with C4C+
December 17, 2021
Talent acquisition and retention are key challenges to ensure a company's success. It is an important foundation in the strategic agenda of most of your clients. Thus, making their processes efficient and cost-effective is a crucial lever for reaching the targets.
Application Management Services with C4C+
December 10, 2021
Join the latest C4C+ session to learn how you can leverage the EMS to support your clients in their Application Management Services. We will deep dive into identifying and resolving IT incidents. This will help consultants to tackle all kinds of IT tickets arising in the client’s company.
Finance Transformation with C4C+
December 03, 2021
Join us to learn about Celonis’ offerings for Finance Transformation projects. In this webinar, we will not only dive deep into past successful use cases but also show a live demo on getting critical insights from C4C+! What are you waiting for? Go ahead and register for the Webinar!
Shared Services with C4C+
November 19, 2021
Join us to learn about how Celonis accelerates your consulting offerings through quicker analytic and reporting capabilities. Get insights on main issues faced by SSO, possible use-cases, and useful EMS functions specifically tailored for consultants to successfully apply Celonis in their existing and future Shared Service Transformation projects using C4C+.
Supply Chain Transformation with C4C+
November 12, 2021
The Covid crisis and increasing regulations showed us how critical a functioning and transparent supply chain is. Celonis EMS enables you to support your clients in processes along the supply chain. Join us for our upcoming C4C+ webinar on how to increase efficiency, reliability, and transparency across the end-to-end supply chain.
Customer Journey Transformation with C4C+
November 05, 2021
How can you leverage Celonis in your clients' Customer Journey? In this webinar, we will deep dive into the customer use cases: how to understand your end-to-end customer journey and make it more efficient, how to improve claim management, how to optimize the contact centre processes with real-time recommendations and automation.
System Transformation with C4C+
October 29, 2021
Do you want to perform your System Transformation projects in the best possible way? You will learn how Celonis EMS can help you to Accelerate & Safeguard your system transformation project and deliver strategic value for your end customers throughout their Transformation journey.
Sustainability with C4C+
October 22, 2021
Join the latest C4C+ session to learn how you can leverage the EMS to support your clients in achieving their sustainability goals. We will deep dive into how the EMS can enable you to quantify the environmental & social impact of processes, embed sustainability as a key decision criterion in day-to-day decision-making and operationally reduce carbon emissions with real-time recommendations and automation.
Claims Management with C4C+
October 15, 2021
This session will focus on how to successfully deliver insurance projects and how Celonis can help you take claims management to the next level.
Financial Risk Management with C4C+
October 08, 2021
Be part of this session to dig deep into insights on process transparency, process conformance, identification of automation potentials, and other EMS functions tailored explicitly to Risk Management and Finance.
Regulatory Reporting with C4C+
October 01, 2021
You work closely with clients in the financial sector on regulatory reporting projects? Then don't miss this session where you'll gain insights on how Celonis can accelerate your project success with C4C+.
Mergers & Acquisitions with C4C+
September 24, 2021
Get to know essential skills to successfully use C4C+ on M&A Projects, including insights on process transparency, process conformance, and the identification of automation potentials.
Intelligent Automation with C4C+
September 17, 2021
Automizing processes is critical to reduce manual work, decrease bottlenecks and reduce costs. Join the session to learn more about using the Celonis EMS for Intelligent Automation in a C4C+ project and the right use cases.
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