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Celonis Academic Ambassador

Celonis Academic Ambassador Program

Ambassadors bring together their peers to learn new technology skills and solve real-world problems. Join an international community of process mining enthusiasts, shape a digital and data-driven future and expand your professional network!

Join an international community of process mining enthusiasts.

Become expert in the latest technologies

Expand your network

Receive mentoring from Celonis

Guide your peers

Gain leadership experience

Receive an official Credly badge

Who can join?

Students who.....

  • Students who want to make a difference and have outstanding technology skills in the Celonis EMS technology

  • Students who are passionate about EMS technology and its application and who are willing to share their knowledge

  • Students who have successfully completed an advanced Celonis certification (e.g. Process Mining Expert Program or Process Mining Fundamentals Track)

  • Students with an agility to present and speak about technology

  • Students with a drive to organize events and workshops for their fellow peers

  • Student with a interest in innovation and recent technology developments

Academic Ambassador
Academic Ambassador

How it Works...

Your journey as Academic Ambassador:

Become an expert and complete either the Process Mining Fundamentals here or Process Mining Expert Track here OR you have completed the Celonis Thesis Program.

Ambassador asset

Apply for the program and get accepted. Get access to the Ambassador folder and find helpful instructions, materials and other resources.

Ambassador asset

Act as Ambassador and enable at least 10 participants in either a short workshop, E-learning club or groupwork, and report your achievements.

Ambassador asset

So we have 3 levels for the ambassadors and you can always show more dedication towards your learnings of EMS and guiding your peers and level up and enjoy different benefits provided for different levels

Ambassador asset
Ambassador asset
Ambassador asset
Ambassador asset
Ambassador asset

Level Up! Academic Ambassadors

Junior Academic Ambassador


  • Have completed Process Mining Fundamental Training Track or Process Mining Experts Track or Thesis.

  • Motivation to create awareness about the new Celonis Technology and help peers to learn process mining.

  • Validity: 1 Year


  • Ambassador status

  • Digital ambassador badge via Credly (Shareable on LinkedIn and other social media platforms)

  • Access to Celonis global community

  • Invitation to Ambassador events

Senior Academic Ambassador


  • Has got the Junior Status.

  • Completed Automation Bootcamp course.

  • Hold 1 sessions* about Celonis technology and Process Mining Fundamentals.

  • Motivated 1 peer to become an ambassador.

  • Validity: 6 Months

*A session should at least have 10 attendees.


  • Junior Benefits

  • Digital ambassador badge via Credly (Shareable on LinkedIn and other social media platforms)

  • Mentoring from Celonauts

  • Addition of name to Celonis Talent Pool

  • License of Make(formerly Integromat)

Lead Academic Ambassador


  • Has got the Senior Status.

  • Completion of Intermediate Training Track by Prof. Wil van der Aalst.

  • Hold 1 events* about Celonis technology and Process Mining Fundamentals.

  • Motivated 2 peers to become an ambassador.

  • Validity: 6 Months

*An event should at least have 50 attendees.


  • Junior & Senior Benefits

  • Digital ambassador badge via Credly (Shareable on LinkedIn and other social media platforms)

  • Exclusive invites to Celonis events & Guest Lectures

  • Program Leadership Opportunities

  • Celonis Goodies

  • Gifts vouchers of Amazon or Spotify worth up to 50 euro

Ambassador Awards

Ambassador Winner

The award in the category Outreach goes to Michael Arias from Costa Rica.

“Being a Celonis ambassador has been a great experience, it has led me to share knowledge with people from academia and industry, expand what Process Mining is and how we can use the Celonis Execution Management System to make processes in organizations more efficient. I am very happy to win the Ambassador Award and to continue this journey towards a digital and data-driven future.”

Michael Arias
Academic Ambassador Awards: Outreach
University of Costa Rica
Ambassador Philip

“It’s an awesome opportunity for me to fascinate others about Process Mining and get recognition for doing so. I am extremely excited to win this award.”

Sheng-Feng Hsieh
Academic Ambassador Awards: Educational Excellence

Apply for the Ambassador Program

Let us know that you are interested in becoming a Celonis Academic Ambassador and tell us about why you want to become one!

Report the Event

Report your session here to upgrade your ambassador status

Frequently Asked Questions

Still puzzled about whether you should become an Ambassador? Take a look at our FAQ to learn more!

I am not sure if I can make the time commitment?

The minimum requirement for staying in the Ambassador program is to organize one workshop with at least 10 people once a term! If you are worried about the commitment, why don’t you just organize a get-together with your friends to work through the technology and share with them what fascinates you about it!

I am not sure if my tech skills will suffice?

Don’t worry. Our Process Mining Fundamentals or Expert Track are easy to follow and don’t require any technical background. The fundamentals track covers around 20 hours of self-paced online courses. The expert track is a 4-week blended learning training with remote live sessions and online courses. After completion you will be ready to talk about any aspect of Process Mining and EMS.

I don't like speaking in front of people.

While in general the Ambassador role is tailored towards students with a passion to present, you can still share your knowledge and expertise. Students that have worked with the technology themselves can be really important mentors for other students who would e.g. like to write a thesis or seminar project related to EMS. Just consider whether you could imagine yourself in an advocate or mentor role for other students.

What do I get out of the Ambassador program?

You can gain a variety of things from ambassadorship status. Besides a Certificate for your CV, networking opportunities with the Celonis ecosystem and a lot of learning on the job we also provide career mentorship for all Ambassadors.

Where can I get Celonis certified (i.e. take the Process Mining Expert and Fundamentals Training)?

You can find both tracks in the Celonis LMS under training tracks: Please be aware that you must be registered as an “Academic” in order to see the tracks.

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