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Celosphere 2021: Where Process Mining Enthusiasts Become Business Execution Leaders

The global economy is at a turning point. Despite the hardships, disruptions, and uncertainty over the past year, some business leaders have managed to both adapt and harness this moment as an opportunity to innovate at a previously unimagined pace.

We’ve seen companies like electronics distributor Avnet reducing their throughput times by 50% — freeing up $7M in working capital — and prioritizing components that are vital for ventilator production.

Ascend, producers of performance materials (including fiber for masks), reduced their cycle time from order to delivery by 3 days in just 4 months.

And Dell is giving back 500,000 hours to their sales team by deploying predictive service case intelligence.

Their success stories are no coincidence. They’re a product of a paradigm shift, in which process-focused leaders are driving a new kind of digital transformation.

From the old-school analog, transactional systems we’ve been working with for decades to intelligent execution systems. From a manual process improvement approach to one that maximizes execution across the entire company.

At Celosphere 2021, we’ll show you how to get there.


Hosted live in primetime - for the United States and Europe!

Tune into the live stream from April 13 through 15 to connect with 15,000+ visionaries, business leaders, and process mining enthusiasts that all share the same goal: becoming business execution leaders in their industry.

During 3 days of nonstop programming hosted live on US and European primetime hours, you can enjoy the full slate of 50+ customer sessions, industry- and department-specific round tables, and 100+ hours of on-demand content.

Over 1,600 people have signed up already. So be quick to secure your free spot!

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10 reasons to join Celosphere ‘21 

  1. Get off-the-charts inspiration: With 50+ sessions and 100+ hours of business programming around Process Excellence, Finance, IT, Supply Chain, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing, Celosphere has inspiring content for everyone

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  2. Become a Business Execution leader. See how Celonis’ Execution Management System empowers companies worldwide to unleash their full potential and drive better outcomes. 

  3. Excel in “the New Normal.” Learn from industry leaders who are realizing value in months, not years, by shifting from analog transaction platforms to intelligent execution systems.

  4. Learn from the best. From inspiring success stories and best practice sessions to roundtables and live Q&As, pick the brains of the smartest people in every industry

  5. Gain hands-on experience in any role. Whether you’re aiming for higher customer satisfaction, reduced operational costs, increased automation, or a flawless system migration — our list of use cases is endless. 

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  6. See Celonis innovations in action. Be the first to see our brand new execution apps, combining the best of Process Mining, AI, and intelligent automation. 

  7. Boost your business initiatives. Be it customer experience, automation, system migration, or sustainability, learn how the EMS accelerates your top-level digital initiatives.

  8. Enjoy snackable content, at your convenience. Early bird or night owl, you can tune in at any point or binge-watch 100+ hours of on-demand content.

  9. Boost your career. If you’re a professional in the areas of process improvement, operational excellence, or Process Mining, take the chance to get #CelosphereCertified and deepen your EMS expertise. Stay tuned for more details!

  10. It’s a damn good time: bring some fun to your home office, with special guest speakers, interactive sessions, and some unexpected, can’t-miss moments.

15,000 people can’t be wrong

More than 15,000 process professionals came to our global events last year, between Celosphere Live and the Celonis World Tour — including speakers from Uber, Zalando, Lufthansa, ABB, and BMW. Their feedback says it all...

Will you become a Business Execution Leader?

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