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Celonis Control Center: Understand and address supply chain volatility

Let’s face it. Today’s supply chain and demand volatility is unforgiving and enterprise resource planning systems lack real-time insight and visibility into how this impacts inventory. That reality means supply chain managers are often fighting both stockouts and excess inventory at the same time.

This is where the Celonis Control Center comes in. 

The Celonis Control Center connects multiple ERP instances and processes to unify sales, production, procurement, as well as consumption, replenishment, and inventory data to provide a unique view of your material network and comprehensive insights into your inventory performance.

Insights into inventory performance have never been more valuable as enterprises are looking to optimize inventory levels, enhance visibility and manage supply chains

This purpose-built solution helps supply chain managers understand how today’s volatility affects their supply chain and enables them to proactively mitigate risks that threaten customer satisfaction and hinder working capital objectives.

1. Network Explorer: Start with the Network Explorer, to understand how supply and demand volatility affects your upstream and downstream material flow. Visualize your organization’s global value chain in real-time to analyze upstream and downstream material flow within the context of different KPIs and at different levels of aggregation such as Country, Plant, and Material.

Control Center Network Explorer animated gif

2. Key Inventory KPIs: Track your inventory management performance in real-time against consumption and replenishment patterns to ensure you meet the target levels required to meet your customer satisfaction and working capital goals. The KPIs are based on industry best practices and can be customized based on your organization’s needs.

Celonis Control Center key inventory KPIs

3. Inventory Inefficiencies: Identify inefficiencies to mitigate stockouts and obsolescence with our intelligent inventory classification that categorizes inventory at risk of being understocked or in excess. Deep dive into each category by assessing the real-time consumption and replenishment patterns.

Celonis Control Center inventory inefficiencies

4. Collaborate with intelligent workflows: Prevent stockouts and overstocks with intelligent workflows and recommendations that alert upstream and downstream stakeholders to take corrective action.

Celonis Control Center intelligent workflows

Get started with the Celonis Control Center and reach out to your Customer Value Manager or Account Executive.

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Alejandra Quinones, Product Marketing Manager at Celonis
Alejandra Quinones
Product Marketing Manager

Alejandra Quinones is a product marketing manager at Celonis, specializing in inventory management and CPG/Retail.

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