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Celonis EMS product updates and feature releases for January 2023

Every month, the Celonis team posts information about recent and upcoming EMS product updates and feature releases to Celopeers, the Celonis online community. The information is available in the Product Updates and Releases section of the community. Each post contains a description of what's being released, the release date, the ID(s) (if applicable) and links to any relevant documentation.

Here are the most recent updates for January 2023.

Celonis EMS Product Updates and Feature Releases for January 2023

Task Mining features released in January 2023

Simplified project creation (16-01-2023) Description:Simplifies the project creation process to allow you to create Task Mining projects even faster. For a detailed description of all changes we've made, see January 2023 (Task Mining). Documentation: Workforce Productivity (powered by Task Mining)

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Studio features released in January 2023

Carry filters between analyses (17-01-2023) Description: Allows you to carry filters from one analysis in Studio to another. Note: In this release, you can carry filters from analysis to analysis only within the same space. Documentation: Not applicable

Improved Views navigation (20-01-2023) Description: Improves navigation between Views by using the Button component. From now on, you can link to a specific tab, without having to worry that your link is going to break when a view is extended. Additionally, EMS will automatically check if the View you're linking to is part of the same parent View and use the router link accordingly. Documentation: Button

Platform features released in January 2023

Data Integration Description: Brings a complete redesign to Data Integration to improve user experience and data transparency. For an overview of all changes we've made, see our Academy video, Data Integration Redesigned. Documentation: Data Integration

Data Ingestion features released in January 2023

Duplicate Removal for direct JDBC connections (19-12-2022) Description: Allows you to remove duplicate records as part of an extraction. This applies to all direct (non-uplinked) JDBC connections. The option can be activated on the table level in the Extraction settings. Documentation: Database (JDBC) Connection

Support of catalogs for Trino DB (19-12-2022) Description: Introduces the support of catalogs for Trino database. Note: The JDBC Extractor does not support extractions from Trino database catalogs. The respective catalog name needs to be entered as a database name in the connection configuration. Documentation: JDBC Extractor

Automation features released in January 2023

Support of additional Server Host Key and HMAC Algorithms in the SFTP App (30-01-2023) Description: Introduces support for additional algorithms when creating a connection in the SFTP Action Flow's app. The following new algorithms are available from now on:

Server Host Key algorithms:

  • ssh-ed25519

  • ecdsa-sha2-nistp256

  • ecdsa-sha2-nistp384

  • ecdsa-sha2-nistp521

  • rsa-sha2-512

  • rsa-sha2-256

  • ssh-rsa

  • ssh-dss

HMAC algorithms:




  • hmac-sha2-256

  • hmac-sha2-512

  • hmac-sha1

  • hmac-md5

  • hmac-sha2-256-96

  • hmac-sha2-512-hmac-sha2-256-96

  • hmac-ripemd160

  • hmac-sha1-96

  • hmac-md5-96

 Documentation: SFTP

Application and Services features released in January 2023

Duplicate Checker 2.0.0 (30-01-2023) Description: Adds fundamental changes to PQL structure and brings various improvements to Knowledge Model and Views. For a complete list of changes we've made to the Duplicate Checker App, see January 2023. Important: This package version is only compatible with the newest algorithm version and contains breaking changes that require a manual migration for all customized PQL statements. It is recommended to only update the package dependency once the algorithm has been enabled and a stable package version published (i.e. having a package without unpublished changes to be able to revert back, if necessary). Please create a service desk ticket to activate the newest algorithm on the EMS team basis and to receive instructions on how the migration will be performed. Documentation: Duplicate Checking App

Order Management Starter Kit (January 2023) Description: Brings a number of upgrades to the Order Management Starter Kit. For the detailed list of changes we've made, see Order Management Starter Kit (1.6.8). Documentation: Order Management Starter Kit

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