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Celonis EMS product updates and feature releases for October 2022

Every month, the Celonis team posts information about recent and upcoming EMS product updates and feature releases to Celopeers, the Celonis online community. The information is available in the Product Updates and Releases section of the community. Each post contains a description of what's being released, the release date, the ID(s) (if applicable) and links to any relevant documentation.

Here are the most recent updates for October 2022.

Celonis EMS Product Updates and Feature Releases for October 2022

Task Mining features released in October 2022

Task Mining Service (04-10-2022) Description: Adds support for the latest configuration file version incorporating user attributes. Fixes deletion of a project (foreign key constraint). When creating a project, automatically creates a Studio space if none exists instead of failing. Screenshot Viewer: Shows a dedicated message if screenshots can’t be loaded due to a lack of permissions instead of a generic error message. Documentation: Not applicable

Task Documentation (19-10-2022) Description: Updates the PQL of “# of Applications” KPI in Task Documentation Marketplace asset to take applied filters into account. Documentation: Not applicable

Task Mining Browser Extension 1.0 (29-10-2022) Description: Updates Chrome extension manifest from version 2 to version 3. The current Manifest version 2 is deprecated, and support will be removed in 2023. Adds graceful failing WebPage Extraction when an invalid path expression is used Documentation: Not applicable

Studio features released in October 2022

Event Log Visual Editor (24-10-2022) Description: Allows for creation and modification of Knowledge Model Event Logs using a visual editor. Documentation: KM - Event Logs

Studio release (24-10-2022) Description: Brings several user experience improvements across multiple View components. These improvements include: Multi-value pasting is now supported in dropdowns; Quick-filters support a default selection configuration; The Table breakdown selector can be defined with custom objects in addition to listing individual fields Documentation: Quick filters | Dropdowns | Tables

Data Ingestion features released in October 2022

Ariba Extractor - External Approval API Extension (20-10-2022) Description: Introduces support for all available entity types for the External Approval API (Changes and PendingApprovals tables). Documentation: SAP Ariba Connection

Automation features released in October 2022

Action Flow release (17-10-2022) Description: Renames “Celonis - EMS Automation Skill Trigger” to "Custom Webhook". Adds the ability to restrict Webhooks (Celonis - EMS Automation Skill Trigger) by adding IP restriction. Note: If you are already using the module, you don't have to make any changes to it. Your Action Flow will continue working as-is. Documentation: Execute Action Flows in Skills

Mutual TLS for Email Action Flow (October 2022) Description: Introduces the mutual TLS functionality in the Action Flow email application. Documentation: Email

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