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Celonis EMS product updates and feature releases for September 2022

Every month, the Celonis team posts information about recent and upcoming EMS product updates and feature releases to Celopeers, the Celonis online community.

The information is available in the Product Updates and Releases section of the community. Each post contains a description of what's being released, the release date, the ID(s) (if applicable) and links to any relevant documentation.

Here are the updates for September 2022 along with information about past updates from July and August 2022.

Celonis EMS Product Updates and Feature Releases for September 2022

Task Mining features released in September 2022

Task Mining Service (16-09-2022) Description: Adds an index to the database to speed up queries and page load times. Documentation: Not applicable

Task Mining Service (21-09-2022) Description: Adds support for handling client IDs version 2, which identifies Clients even more uniquely. Additionally, it provides automatic migration from client ID version 1 to version 2 (after a Client update) without creating duplicate entries in the Users the Invite section. Documentation: Not applicable

Studio features released in September 2022

Visualizations (September 2022) Description:

  • Improves the Rule Mark. You can still build fixed position lines in your charts, additionally, it is now built as all the other marks in the library. This means that you can now build stacked and grouped Rules the same way you would do it with any other mark. For this, we have enabled the Split By and Stack By options in the Rule Mark visual editor.

  • Fixes the issue where the tooltip for grouped marks would not show the title of each category but instead default to the chart main encoding in all Marks.

Documentation: Not applicable

KPI card component (September 2022) Description: Introduces the new KPI card component. In comparison to the KPI List component, which displays basic information for several KPIs, the KPI card component allows you to add advanced details on a single KPI. Additionally, several enhancements to existing components have also been released. These include column reordering in the table, trend markers on the KPI List component, and a new short display name field for all knowledge objects that, if defined, will be used in the table and KPI list components. Documentation: KPI card | KPI list

Share URL for Views (22-09-2022) Description: Allows you to generate a URL of a View with its specific configurations applied. The view settings such as filters, component configurations, and user inputs will be applied to this link. Documentation: Share View with its current state

Profile Views (22-09-2022) Description: Allows profile views to remain open even if you reload a page, move between views, or log out. On top of that, Profile Views will keep your configuration set filters, variables, and selections. Documentation: Profile views

Platform features released in September 2022

Studio Tracking Service (19-09-2022) Description: Introduces asset tracking for teams with over 80 users. Studio tracking service is a feature that allows tracking of Studio and Apps Assets. In addition, the Studio tracking service helps gain usage and adoption data at the asset level. Documentation: Studio Tracking Service

Data Ingestion features released in September 2002

Delta load as replace merge for Coupa (08-09-2022) Description: Introduces the "Delta load as replace merge” setting to the Coupa Extractor. When using delta load with this setting enabled, the records of nested tables which are not relevant anymore to the parent table will be replaced with the latest data. Documentation: How to Set up the Data Connection, Coupa 

New authentication method for Snowflake JDBC Extractor (08-09-2022) Description: Adds the Key Pair Authentication to the Snowflake JDBC Extractor as an additional authentication method. Documentation: Specific Database Extensions

New Data Model load solution (09-09-2022) Description: Brings a new Data Model load solution that provides improved reliability and stability of the Data Model load process. Now, the simplified user interface for the Data Model load allows you to reload the Data Model with a single click of a button. Documentation: Data Model Loading

Pseudonymisation for Ariba Extractor (22-09-2022) Description: Introduces support for the pseudonymization of columns using the SHA-1, SHA-256, and SHA-512 algorithms to the Ariba Extractors. Documentation: SAP Ariba Connection

Changes to SAP HANA JDBC Extractor (22-09-2022) Description: Brings support for the extraction of analytical views from HANA databases to the SAP HANA JDBC Extractor. Documentation: Database (JDBC) Connection

Updates to extractors (September 2022) Description:

  • Introduces a new Extractor and two new Process Connectors that allow the connection to SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud systems:

  • The Extractor integrates with the system by fetching data using APIs based on so-called custom CDS views. By default, it allows extracting the necessary data for Accounts Payable and Purchase-to-Pay processes. The Extractor is available from the Data Connections menu in the Data Integration area.

  • The Process Connectors for AP and P2P define the extraction scope, transform the data and create a data model. The process connectors are available from Marketplace.

Documentation: SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud [Extractor Builder]

New data extractors (22-09-2022) Description: Introduces five new Extractors which allow you to extract data from the following systems:

Improved File Uploader (September 2022) Description: Introduces several changes to the File Uploader to improve its capabilities and user experience. Documentation: Not applicable

Application and Services features released in September 2022

AP Starter Kit: Value Discovery App (12-09-2022) Description: Introduces the Value Discovery app - a module within the AP starter kit that facilitates value identification and value framing around the strategic objectives of labor productivity, working capital, and spend management. The app shows the most common inefficiencies in the AP process, such as the lost cash discount and unfavorable payment terms. It also highlights the potential value of addressing these inefficiencies to help you prioritize which inefficiencies to tackle first. Documentation: Value Discovery App Configuration

Marketplace changes Description:

  • Brings changes to notifications about incoming installation requests. From now on, only admins will be notified about requests to install apps and connectors.

  • Individual admins can disable these notifications in personal notification settings. To disable such notifications from Marketplace for all admins in a team, contact

  • Highlights resources required for setting up Celonis apps for Power BI better in the Marketplace Experiences area.

Documentation: Not applicable

Celonis EMS Product Updates and Feature Releases for August 2022

Celonis EMS Product Updates and Feature Releases for July 2022

I outlined updates from April, May and June 2022 in an earlier article on how Celopeers keeps you up-to-date on the latest Celonis EMS product updates and feature releases.

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