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Celosphere 2022: Acceleration Economy analysts positive on new Emporix CXP and expanding Celonis partner ecosystem

Acceleration Economy and Cloud Wars analysts Tom Smith and Kieron Allen were in Munich reporting from Celosphere 2022.

After the keynote event, the pair gathered in the Cloud Wars studio on the expo hall floor to recap highlights from the show's first day including the announcement of the Emporix Commerce Execution Platform (CXP) and the increasing number of startups that are joining the Celonis partner ecosystem.

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The following is a transcript of the interview, edited for readability.

Emporix Commerce Execution Platform

Tom Smith: So Kieron, since we met earlier today, what are some of the highlights for you?

Kieron Allen: Well, it's been a jam-packed day to say the least, in every respect. The place is full. There's thousands of people here. There's a constant stream of sessions. But I've been really focusing on the keynotes today because ultimately that first keynote this morning set the tone for the day. And I think everything that I've experienced since then has been an extension of that really. It's been showing how these new products that they discussed can work in a real setting and the use cases for them, and then some of the extensions from that. So yeah, for me, the second keynote, Path to Value, really emphasized how Celonis' vision for a more accessible mining space, for more-

Tom Smith: Accessible technology.

Kieron Allen: Technology, yes, how that's going to come to fruition. Because this was really focused on applications like off-the-shelf applications, I thought that was really interesting.

Tom Smith: Okay, great. One thing that I'd like to talk for a minute about, which I didn't discuss earlier, but it wasn't in our earlier Analyst Take, but it was among the announcements the company made today. They formed an alliance with an e-commerce platform vendor named Emporix. And what they are doing together, I would describe as bringing Process Mining, process execution, insight and intelligence from Celonis to the Emporix Commerce Execution Platform (CXP).

Kieron Allen: Which is a retail platform.

Tom Smith: Exactly. So if you think about it, I think we can all relate to the difficulties of the last couple years with e-commerce, with supply chains. This is a problem we can all feel and touch ourselves. We order products, we can't get them. We check whether a product is available, we get an ambiguous or non-answer. We order a product. It's supposed to come in three days, it comes in three weeks. All the kinds of things that we've experienced because of supply chains, and they're particularly acute with e-commerce. We all, obviously, purchase from e-commerce with regularity. I'm sure you do. Just as I do.

Kieron Allen: Probably too much. Yeah.

Tom Smith: Definitely. So in bringing process intelligence to e-commerce, they can solve problems that plague e-commerce today. So if I'm a customer and I want to order a product, and that product maybe is going to take a long time to ship, they can recommend a substitution. That might get to me a lot more quickly. And if the particular brand or features are not that important, that's a good solution for me, it's a good solution for the seller.

Download: Emporix Commerce Execution Platform datasheet (PDF)

Kieron Allen: It's interesting. What I quite like about this, this kind of integrated approach, is that, as you say, it's a really good solution for the seller and for the platform themselves. They're going to increase their sales, they're going to be more trusted by their customers, et cetera. But also for the customer, it just makes everything so much quicker. It makes everything so much more efficient. It's a two stage process. You're fulfilling your clients. The vendor fulfilling the client, but at the same time, the customer gets this instant, instant result, which I think is a really interesting.

Tom Smith: It takes all the friction off of the customer for sure. And that, to me, is a very appealing development. Also, from the standpoint of the e-commerce provider, they get an opportunity to kind of dynamically determine, hey, this customer is slow to pay, or we haven't been paid by them yet. Well, if they're going to buy our product, they need to pay us up front, or they can intelligently apply payment terms based on the track record that customer has in paying. Also, I think a pretty good development.

Kieron Allen: I'm glad we've covered this. Because with all these product announcements going on today, it's something that could have slipped under the radar.

Tom Smith: Yes, absolutely.

Celonis Partner Ecosystem expands with new startups

Tom Smith: One other thing I'd like to highlight, which we're getting some visibility into here at the news desk that we're running and in a lot of meetings that we're holding, which is the breadth of the Celonis partner ecosystem.

Kieron Allen: It's huge, isn't it?

Tom Smith: Yeah. There are activities and sessions coming up tomorrow with IBM and Accenture. You see all those partners of that size and scale and caliber represented here. And we're going to be sitting down specifically with a couple folks from Accenture, but I met earlier with a company that does contact centers and they have some integration with Celonis, an AI based contact center that is. And sustainability, sustainability partners here with Celonis too.

So we've really gotten a good feel for, this is a broad and deep ecosystem. And obviously you need that to achieve the kind of scale and growth that Celonis is looking to do. And they're making really good headway on that.

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Kieron Allen: Absolutely. And I think for our watchers, our listeners, in the Acceleration Economy, people who follow Acceleration Economy site, I think tomorrow's going to be really useful because it's going to show them that the products that Celonis are supplying for their huge partner ecosystem, for their ecosystem, you're going to be able to deliver those tangible results. You're going to be able to meet with these customers and explain what those benefits are.

And I think bringing in, particularly the Business Miner today, we talked about how that's kind of democratizing the data analytics space. Bringing that in and connecting that with the shelf apps that we discussed later on in the afternoon today, I think it's going to really show the viewers how they can adapt this technology to their smaller organizations. You don't just have to be IBM, you don't just have to be Ikea, whatever. But I think with these new product developments, it's going to be far more adaptable and interesting and exciting to be watching how that develops.

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Editor’s note: This video was originally published on Acceleration Economy, How Celonis’ Partner Ecosystem Impacts Customers.

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