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Celosphere 2022 notebook: Process wisdom from Celonis customers

Celosphere 2022 is a wrap and while we generated a lot of pixels not everything made it out of the notebook—until now.

Here's a look at some crowdsourced wisdom from Celonis customers on process excellence, digital transformation, scale, value creation and change management.

Mark Klein, Chief Digital Officer ERGO Group and Chair of the Board of Management of ERGO Digital Ventures AG:

"We cannot push all the costs through to customers. We have to become more efficient through digitization. What we need is the full transparency of an end-to-end process. We need to create this transparency."

"Digital transformation at its core is cultural transformation. You need the whole organization to think digital and implement thousands of measures and optimize processes."

Dr. Detlef Kayser, Member of the Executive Board, Fleet & Technology at Lufthansa Group:

"What you hear in the news, you'll see in your operations a few minutes later. The question constantly is one of tradeoffs. We run 10 operations control centers with 800 employees. Behind these centers is a huge complex IT environment and data coming together."

Kuldeep Dudeja, IT&D Director, Intelligent Automation at Reckitt:

"Process mining at scale requires structure. How will you organize your operations? Do you have scalability in terms of skill set? You have to transform how you're structured. We're structuring ourselves to make sure we're prepared for tomorrow."

"We are always looking at bottom and top line value, but we are starting to look at green line value and thinking about sustainability at the next level."

Verena Schwobe, Director, Global Solution Owner Process Mining at Merck KGaA:

"Value is not always about efficiency. We need to automate and we need to scale. There's a value with that. We have to meet our strategic KPIs and combine them with our company goals of working capital management and customer satisfaction."

Jean-Marc Erieau, Director Process Mining & Execution Management MANN+HUMMEL Group:

"We spent a lot of time talking to people to explain the value of process mining and how execution is driving the value. It's all about execution. You have to execute."

"We combined our S4/HANA transformation with Celonis. We are already cleaning up processes with Celonis and that applies to the SAP systems transformation. Celonis is giving us full transparency on what is happening globally. Celonis for us is part of our strategic picture for 2027."

Swathi Devireddy, process mining community leader at ABB:

"We are using process mining across the value chain. Without this visibility during the pandemic we would really have struggled."

"Be pragmatic. There's not a perfect world for data. If you wait for perfect the risk is that you get stuck in PowerPoint frameworks. Know the baseline metrics and operationalize them."

Travis Cain, Senior Director Global Architecture, Dell Technologies:

"We are looking at supply chain use cases and we've been impressed by the initial views into that data."

"Don't let perfect be the enemy of good. Get started. You will get directionally correct with processes with incomplete data. Get directionally correct with good data and be perfect over time."

Vaclav Slapka, Coordinator of Data Analytics & Process Center in general procurement at Skoda:

"We see the potential in Celonis, but to leverage the potential we need people on boarded on Celonis as soon as possible so they can come up with more ideas."

More customer insights:

Celosphere 2022: Skoda targets procurement process excellence with the help of gamification Czech automaker Skoda has identified €1.7 million in optimizing its procurement processes with plans to scale Celonis with the help of a little gamification.

Celosphere 2022: DHL improves warehouse performance with Celonis EMS DHL has deployed Celonis to improve its warehouse performance, quality and throughput in its logistics operations. 

Celosphere 2022: Equans process improvements 30% reduction in throughput time Equans, a global utilities service management company that operates in 17 countries, reduced its service throughput time by 30% and processed 10,000 fewer service orders per month by improving its operational and contract management processes with Celonis.

Celosphere 2022: Bayer’s Timo Peters shares CoE blueprint Bayer's Timo Peters, Center of Excellence (CoE) Lead for Process Mining, shared lessons learned about scaling process mining across large enterprises. Peters’ recommendations are a must read for companies at all points of the process mining journey. 

Celosphere 2022: Credibom notches value in overall process cycle time, rework Credibom, a consumer bank based in Portugal, is just starting its process mining journey, but has expansion plans after seeing early value realized.

Celosphere 2022: ALDI SÜD runs more than 2 billion transactions in Celonis  ALDI SÜD has launched its first real-time Celonis Execution Management app for its daily supply chain process performance as part of its broader digital transformation efforts.

Celosphere 2022: Here's How Nokia Scaled Process Mining, Execution Management Nokia has scaled up its Celonis Process Mining and Execution Management System (EMS) adoption by focusing on processes with the best returns and connecting to systems with maximum transaction volume.

Celosphere 2022: BSH Appliance Group optimizes working capital with process excellence  SH Appliance Group has deployed Celonis for multiple processes to optimize working capital and free cash flow as it navigates demand fluctuations, supply chain disruptions and inflation.

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Larry Dignan
Editor in Chief (former)

Larry Dignan is the former Editor in Chief of Celonis Media. Before joining Celonis, he was Editor in Chief of ZDNet and has covered the technology industry and transformation trends for more than two decades, publishing articles in WallStreetWeek.com, Inter@ctive Week, The New York Times, and Financial Planning magazine.

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