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Celosphere 2022: You’re going to see groundbreaking progress on process mining technology

Deepening the potential of process mining and empowering the business user. Those are the big product themes Vaishnavi Sashikanth, Chief Engineering Officer at Celonis, said the company will showcase at Celosphere 2022. The company’s annual user conference is being held in-person this November in Munich, Germany and streamed online around the world.

Sashikanth sat down with Tom Smith, Analyst with Acceleration Economy Network, to discuss the product announcements Celonis will make during the event, from new UIs to core engineering updates.

This will be Sashikanth’s first Celosphere, and she said was excited about the “breadth and depth” of the new technology Celonis would showcase. She also explained that attendees will be able to discover new ideas, network and catch up with peers and tap into the collective knowledge of the process mining and execution management industry.


The following is a transcript of the interview, edited for readability.

Groundbreaking progress on process mining technology

Tom Smith: So this was your first Celosphere, obviously, what are you thinking going in? What are you looking forward to?

Vaish Sashikanth: This is super, super exciting. And, you know, we have a lot of innovative capabilities that we've been working on that we can't wait to share with our customers.

You're going to see some groundbreaking progress on the very guts of process mining. Celonis invented process mining, and we continue to push the boundaries, again, on what our users can realize with this technology and product. This is going to be great.

I'm excited about the breadth and depth of the things that we are launching from the user interface to the core engine process mining, the strength and scale of the platform, and how our partners and customers are extending our platform to build applications, and also several new adjacent products.

There's a lot of things coming down the pike, and we'll be announcing them at Cenosphere.

But what I'm really looking forward to is to hear and capture that reaction from our customers on how these launches are going to massively move their businesses forward. So super excited. And this is going to be my first Celosphere in person in Munich. Looking forward to it.

Tom Smith: Mine as well. And I too am looking forward to it. 

Empowering business users and deepening process mining’s potential

Tom Smith: Can you give us anything, any type of a sneak peek on any of those new products or new product features that you referenced? Anything you can share at this point?

Vaish Sashikanth: I'm going to leave you with some themes that underlie the product announcements. We are going to be talking a lot about how we are empowering the business user, how we are deepening the potential of process mining. We will talk about the new products in the immediate adjacencies of where we operate, and the evolution of the scale and performance of the core Celonis platform. That's about everything I can say at the moment. I hope to see you all at the conference.

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Tom Smith: Vaish, you talked a little bit about customers and partners and those stakeholders, I'll call them, being able to extend the platform, add functionality, capitalize on the platform. Is it the product information and the product visibility? Is that the most important thing from your perspective that customers and partners can take away from this event?

Vaish Sashikanth: Well, you know, the event itself is a forum where we can bring together all of our users. So at some level, this is the densest collection of process experts in the world all in one place for a few days.

And what I'm hoping to see happen is in addition to learning about all the things that we are launching, learn about the capabilities of the platform, gain inspiration, find new ideas, network with industry peers, tap into the collective industry knowledge. You know, there's so much that the event itself offers in addition to learning about the new things.

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There is so much opportunity out there especially in the current world economic circumstances. You have inflation, you have supply chain disruption, a lot of these things going on, and with Celonis, businesses are going to be better equipped to navigate both the current times and also the more prosperous times to come. So that's the beauty of the solution. And so particularly now, hosting this conference gives our customers a chance to discuss the problems that are top of mind for them. And what Celonis is doing to help them confidently navigate those challenges in a setting with peer customers? And I think that's going to be super valuable.

Celosphere attendees will get actionable solutions

Tom Smith: I think you use two words, opportunity and inspiration. And to me, if a customer, whether it's a customer or a prospect, if they come away from a conference with ideas that inspire them, recognizing perhaps opportunities that they didn't recognize, coming in from some of those peer discussions, that seems like a very good outcome, right?

Vaish Sashikanth: Absolutely. Over the years, Celonis has operated in this space. We have thousands of customers who have realized immense value, billions and billions of dollars of savings, by deploying the product. And just being able to hear some of their journeys, and how they went about deploying the product and how they realized the value, I think that is going to be a valuable takeaway.

And our own product managers are going to be there, our engineers are going to be there to share these innovations and also share feedback from early adopters and customers. And then, you know, it's stepping back. This event is sort of the best clearinghouse of sorts, to gather the solutions and ideas for the hard problems. And also, get a sneak peek. My engineers are going to be there, product managers are going to be there. All the questions that you've ever wanted to ask about why do things work the way they do? And can you tell me more about this and that? And these sorts of conversations, also, I'm looking forward to having with our users.

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Tom Smith: And how do you think that those who attend will be able to evaluate, or put into practice the ideas that they'll gather? Do you have thoughts on that or recommendations? It's one, as we all know, to come away from an event and feel very energized to have heard peers do certain things that they might like to model, but then what could they do to put things into practice? Or how do they go and make that actionable in their companies? Do you have thoughts on that you’d like to share?

Vaish Sashikanth: Yes, absolutely. First, customers, please come with what is top of mind for you, the problems that you're encountering and the challenges that you have in your businesses.

And at the event, you're going to learn about solutions that have been implemented, over and over again, at other customers and realized successfully, and what the proven best practices are in the industry that you operate, there are going to be industry experts in your space, and intersecting that with the new capabilities we are launching and there are going to be best practices that we will be sharing as well.

So the expectation is that you walk in with problems and you walk out with actionable solutions that you should be able to go back and put into practice.

Tom Smith: So if I was to summarize what you've said here, opportunities, inspiration, ideas from peers in the vein of best practices that they can use in their business. Anything you'd like to add to that before we wrap up?

Vaish Sashikanth: That's a good summary, Tom.

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Celosphere 2022 will be held live at Triebwerk München in Munich, Germany on November 9th and 10th. In-person attendees will have unlimited two-day access to the full Celosphere agenda, including; 50+ sessions from industry leaders, analysts and execution management experts, exclusive Celonis learning journeys, hands-on technical training, community networking opportunities, peer roundtable discussions, guest speakers and more. Virtual event-goers will be able to stream the conference keynotes and select breakout sessions and connect through virtual networking.

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