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The Celosphere 2020 Agenda is Live: 4 Tips for Picking the Right Sessions

Introducing Celosphere Live

In light of the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we’ve decided with to postpone the in-person event Celosphere 2020 in Munich to autumn. Instead, we will hold our first-ever virtual Process Excellence marathon in April: Celosphere Live. Read our CEO’s blog to know more.

The agenda for Celosphere 2020 is live! You can now browse and bookmark over 90 sessions led by Celonis customers, Process Excellence thought leaders and analysts, and the Celonis team. Register now to build your perfect agenda, from show-stopping Keynotes, to product innovation and roadmap sessions, to hands-on workshops and trainings.

With tickets going fast and over 2000 attendees expected at the world’s largest Process Mining event, now’s the time to go in and start planning your Celosphere journey!

Here are four tips to help you do just that.

1. Register first, then you can start to bookmark sessions

In order to begin bookmarking sessions, you’ll need to buy your ticket first on the Registration page. If you’re not registered yet, you can still peruse the catalog of sessions, but you won’t be able to bookmark any of them yet.

Celosphere agenda builder - add to my interests

2. Use the filters to sort through sessions

Celosphere agenda builder - tags

All of the sessions are tagged by Track, Industry, Business Function, Process, and level of Celonis Maturity. You can use the filters and search bar at the top to find sessions in the topic areas that interest you. Learn more about the different tracks on the Agenda page.

Be aware that the schedule and locations are subject to change over the next few weeks — right now it’s best to focus on bookmarking your top sessions, regardless of time and room.

3. Bookmark sessions now to build your list

Celosphere agenda builder - my interest list

Click the little star icon next to any session to add it to your personal list. This will not officially register you for the session yetsession registration will start at the beginning of April — but you can start to build your “My Interests” list. Then, as soon as registration is open, you’ll have your list ready and you can quickly claim your spot for those sessions.

4. Remember that the sessions on Day 0 are for Celonis partners only

Celosphere agenda builder - day 2

The sessions on Tuesday, April 28 are not for general attendees; they’re just for Celonis partners. So if you’re a Celonis user, you should be looking at sessions happening on Day 1 and Day 2 — Wednesday, April 29 and Thursday, April 30.

Share your perfect Celosphere agenda on social

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Celosphere Agenda page and start bookmarking your sessions now. Which sessions are you more excited for? Let us know on LinkedIn and Twitter!

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Southard Jones
VP, Product Marketing (former)

Southard Jones is the former VP, Product Marketing for Celonis. Prior to Celonis, Southard held various executive product and marketing roles at enterprise software companies in the Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Science market, including Domino Data Lab, Birst, Right 90, and Siebel Analytics.

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