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Conexiom and Celonis: A Closer Look

Magic happens when you bring two parts together to make a new whole. Honey and mustard, Simon and Garfunkel, data and analytics.

The same holds true for business. By marrying the services and products of two organizations, we can create new opportunities for businesses to be more efficient and operations to be smoother.  

That’s the philosophy behind our recent launch of Touchless Order Capture. Powered by a partnership between Celonis and Conexiom, we have brought together two best-in-class technologies to produce a single solution to automate order entry. 

In this edition of ‘A Closer Look’, Vivienne van Gestel shares details on the strategic partnership of Celonis and Conexiom, the unique product, and how a global energy company was the genesis of it all. 

Celonis and Conexiom: A Closer Look (by Vivienne van Gestel)

Did you know $15 trillion dollars’ worth of order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay transactions are still being processed manually in North America and Europe every year?

Entering all these orders by hand is time consuming, expensive, and prone to errors. Companies trying to grow will, in fact, see negative outcomes if they stick to manual processes as they hinder their development. It comes as no surprise that many companies are looking for ways to automate their order entries.

Responding to that demand, Celonis recently struck a strategic partnership with Conexiom, the global leader in sales order automation. At the heart of this collaboration is Touchless Order Capture: a new service that allows customers to mine, automate and optimize their order management process. 

‘The most successful process improvement project we've taken on’

ExxonMobil provided the inspiration. The international energy company integrated Celonis with Conexiom in its operations to help meet the world’s growing energy needs.

"Within 30 days of implementing Conexiom, the Celonis dashboard I had set up to show order automation levels looked like a hockey stick – up and to the right," says Corey Alemand, Digital Transformation Manager at ExxonMobil.

"We went from 0 to over 70,000 orders being processed completely automated in the first month. Since then, Celonis has only helped us improve the process. This has been by far the most successful process improvement project we've taken on at ExxonMobil. It's helped us get to the lowest manual order entry rate we've ever achieved."

A unique solution to automate sales order creation

Blown away by ExxonMobil’s success we built a unique solution for customers to intelligently automate sales order creation. Touchless Order Capture allows documents to be ingested and processed in a completely touchless way, meaning customer service representatives recover valuable time to focus on higher-value add customer-facing activities. The benefits don’t stop there. Operational costs fall due to lower order processing costs; there are fewer errors caused by manual entry; order accuracy increases; and processing time decreases, which leads to happier customers and less churn.

As companies grow, their order management processes need to keep up. With Touchless Order Capture, Celonis and Conexiom are making that requirement simpler.

Find Touchless Order Capture on the Celonis Execution Management System.

The Closer Look Timeline

milestone 01 Conexiom

December 8- The webinar, ‘Celonis and Conexiom: Meet the Technology Behind 100% Accurate Sales Order Automation’, is held. Lorenzo Prieto, Principal Product Manager at Celonis, and Richard Craft, EVP of Product Management at Conexiom, introduce the technology behind achieving 100% data accuracy in sales order entry.

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October 21- The new offering is presented by Erik Severinghaus, EVP Business Development and Strategy at Conexiom, and Divya Krishan, Director of Product Marketing at Celonis.

milestone 03 Conexiom

October 5- The collaboration is announced during the Celonis World Tour 2021. Ray Grady, CEO of Conexiom, and Alexander Rinke, CEO of Celonis, announce the partnership on the main stage during World Tour. Alex and Ray hold an interview with Corey Alemand, Digital Transformation Manager from ExxonMobil.

milestone 04 Conexiom

September 21- The collaboration is announced at the Celonis Ecosystem Summit by Erik Severinghaus, EVP Business Development and Strategy at Conexiom.

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Miguel Milano / Vivienne van Gestel
CRO and Co-Owner (former) / Senior Manager Technology Partnerships
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