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University of London & Celonis: - Embracing Cooperation in Times of Change for Future-proof Talents

The University of London & Celonis Academic Alliance have teamed up to use the Celonis Execution Management System by Celonis for teaching and research in the fields of Data Science, Operations, Management and Process Mining.

The University of London is a federation of 17 world-leading educational establishments, offering education to over 120,000 students in London, and a further 50,000 studying across 190 countries through transnational, distance learning provision. The University collaborates with its Member Institutions to pioneer unique forms of education and research that transform lives and society. Celonis is a Germany and US-based tech unicorn and the market leader in Execution Management Systems. The technology leverages Process Mining, big data and AI to look into big organizations’ inner workings and suggests process-oriented improvements. With its Academic Alliance program, Celonis actively supports program members in teaching and research related to the field.

The collaboration between the two education and technology leaders is an exciting development in technology education. Students can access state-of-the-art technology in the classroom and learn about recent innovations and their impact on business and society. Process Mining and Execution Management are one of those technologies combining data science and process management.

Joint initiatives have been piloted as part of the collaboration, including software use and course support for classes at LSE, King’s College London, Queen Mary University of London and City Business School. As part of the cooperation Celonis also offers extra-curricular certification programs and workshops for University of London students and provides tailored supervision of student industry projects. The collaboration benefits different degree programs reaching across departments from Management and Operations Science to Data Science.

Chief Ecosystem Officer Malhar Kamdar comments on Celonis’ vision for the tech-university cooperation: “Digital skills are more important than ever. Through our Academic Alliance program, we support students to learn about new technologies and to apply them already during their time at university. Investing in education is one of the core pillars of the Celonis Ecosystem. We are looking forward to working together with the biggest transnational higher education provider in the UK on this matter”.

Sam Brenton, Director of Online Education at the University of London said: “We’re thrilled to be able to augment our educational offering with these high-quality short courses. Learning today is about more than just the curriculum, and we are delighted to be working with Celonis to help our students to equip themselves for the digital world.“

The two organizations have planned a series of further activities including new certification programs and direct integration into students’ curriculums as part of course work and applied workshops. This collaboration is a great example of cross-sector engagement in an international setting post-Brexit; and testament to the importance of current innovation and technology and the way it impacts society through the education of the next generation.

Angela-Sophia Gebert
Angela-Sophia Gebert
Academic Alliance Manager
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