Alexandre Wentzo

Celonaut Spotlight: Alexandre Wentzo, SVP Ecosystem ISVs

Why have you decided to join Celonis?

This is a very unique opportunity to work alongside a talented and visionary leadership team who have set a high bar and are determined to continue driving the industry. There is a buzz about Celonis, and it’s exciting to be joining at this time in its evolution. Celonis just launched its Execution Management System to its global ecosystem and is providing an extremely powerful platform for partners to develop Execution Instruments and Execution Applications.

Another significant factor is following a long career in EA (Enterprise Architecture) in various positions worldwide – most recently with Signavio in the USA – I am keen to leverage my expertise for a company which seems to be on the cutting edge of technology innovation in its space. My goal is to work closely with our Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to enable them and their customers to close execution gaps which are holding them back from reaching their full execution capacity.

What do you plan to achieve in your new role at Celonis?

Celonis’ ecosystem program is really unique and a key strategic priority for the company. We want to leverage our partners impressive knowledge and expertise regarding their customers’ industries and processes. At the same time, Celonis offers its partners an opportunity to differentiate their customer offerings and develop new, monetizable execution instruments and apps. It’s a win-win for all parties. 

I believe our ISV program will accelerate Celonis journey to a highly scalable and sustainable business model. Therefore, my focus is to develop and foster a healthy and productive ISV ecosystem that complements Celonis market leading technology and drives added value for our partners and customers.

How do you plan to leverage your expertise in your new role?

There are two aspects to this. The first is the experience I’ve gained across previous global roles, which means I have a solid grip on the models and opportunities that Celonis should focus on in the ISV partner space. I understand the background of our partners and prospective partners and how to create and grow relationships that can scale rapidly and stand the test of time.

The second aspect is personal relationships. Of course, anyone can start a relationship with an organization at any time. But suppose you already have genuine and trusted connections with people in critical positions in this evolving market - this ensures a much faster and more productive path to growth. I hope to bring to Celonis a strong sense of ecosystem connectivity that supports a scalable ecosystem's strategic ambition.

What is your management style and what matters to you most?

I believe in leading by example and always standing by the teams I build and their capabilities to get us where we need to go. As someone who continuously learns from others, I’ve seen that individuals differ in how they thrive. That means nurturing strengths because people are most likely to be successful when you provide them with the knowledge, tools and guidance they need.

Tell us about your Volunteer work.

Voluntary work and donations are very important to my family and me. When I last worked in Europe, I was involved with Hope and Aid Direct which was taking much-needed items to families in Kosovo and building a nursery in Khayelitsha, South Africa. While living in Los Angeles, my family and I volunteered at beach clean-ups and often supported our community through in-kind donations and donating to various non-profits.

Tell us some fun facts about yourself.

Since the birth of my 2 boys, I have developed my expertise in baking; and I have to say I am getting pretty good at cooking (French recipe - bien sur!) crepes, caneles and caramel pain perdu. I also like to think I know my Champagne and red wine, and would find any great excuse to taste a new vintage.

Alexandre Wentzo just joined Celonis in Nov. 2020 as a SVP Ecosystem ISV's, and comes from Signavio. Alexandre is applying his global experience to developing and scaling the Celonis ISV partner ecosystem, especially the opportunities for our partners to differentiate and monetize offerings around Celonis’ new Execution Management System.

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