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A Day in the Life of a Celonaut: Andrew Ross, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

Andrew has been with Celonis for a year in his role as a Senior Talent Acquisition Partner. Before joining our team, Andrew gained over 8 years of experience recruiting top talent for companies.

He takes us through his day with support from his son and shares insights into working from home as a Recruiter.

Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross
Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

How do you start your day?

Typical mornings are exhausting being a parent. It starts by waking up, trying to get the kids fed and ready, having breakfast, and then trying to get them to daycare unless my wife isn't working, as she’s a teacher.

When I get back, I go online and say hello to my team, we have a big group chat, and every morning I say "Good morning party people!" - it's just a fun way to say hi.

What is your usual day like?

As a Recruiter, my role here is to identify good candidates, interview them, and connect them to the right hiring managers.

That could be internal employees who are looking for new roles, referrals from employees looking to join the team, external people who apply for open positions, or even me reaching out to people via Linkedin or other platforms to see if they might have an interest in Celonis.  Usually, the first meeting I have is with the hiring manager, and we check our recruiting plan. From there, we'll have a few interviews and follow-up meetings with different team members.

Then it’s time to source candidates, which involves reviewing applicants, as well as LinkedIn, and really going through different profiles to identify people who could be a great fit and reach out to them in unique ways. When it comes to Celonis, the one thing I always like to tell my candidates when I'm trying to recruit is that the people here are why we're successful. That's what drew me here and I hope it attracts other people to join too.

What do you do after work?

I make some dinner, and then hang out with the kiddos until about eight and get them to bed. I then usually jump back on for 30 minutes just to answer any last-minute emails that I missed.  

👩‍🚀 Andrew Ross is Celonis’ Senior Talent Acquisition Partner based in Chicago working remotely. He has been with Celonis since July 2021, whilst having a solid background in Talent Acquisition. Before Celonis, he acquired a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications, Video and Film at Western Michigan University. In his free time, he loves to play golf, and teach his three-year-old to play golf, as well as watching sports, and playing ice hockey every Tuesday night, on his men’s league team. __________________________________

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