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The Celonis Summernaut Internship Program: Meet Alumnus Eduard Sehl, Associate Solution Engineer

The Celonis Summernaut Internship Program, formerly known as the Highly Immersive Internship Trainee (HIIT) Program, is a summer full of action, learning, and fun! The Madrid-based rotational program is designed to give early professionals a holistic view of our company and the opportunity to gain experience by working in different departments. 

Meet Eduard, one of our former interns, as he shares more about his experiences and learnings from the program.

Eduard Sehl
Associate Solution Engineer

How would you describe the program?

Intensive, Enriching, and Fun.

The program is two intensive months where you get to know Celonis, work on projects, and meet a lot of amazing people.

Not only do you get to learn a lot, but you also get the chance to connect with so many people from different backgrounds and have fun together during and after work. Participants love to work on projects together, meet for an after-work drink, and even deepen relationships on weekend trips. The most fun was definitely spending all that time together with the other participants!

What was your biggest learning as an Intern? 

The biggest learning within the Summernaut internship was around the product. I have a business-related background, and the internship has helped me prepare for a role where I have to combine technical expertise with business expertise.

Luckily, I was so fortunate to have had three mentors! Both my managers in the two different departments were incredibly helpful in bringing me up to speed to start working on projects and always being available for any questions I had. My third mentor was from the NYC office, with whom I worked together on a project. His tremendous industry knowledge and his career advice were invaluable to me.

What type of projects did you work on over the summer? 

One project was enabling our sales team in the financial services industry, and the other was improving the user experience for the Celonis Free Plan sign-up page.

Did the Summernaut Internship Program prepare you for further positions at Celonis? 

Yes! The rotational system and the exchange with other participants gave me a good sense of the departments. I was able to form an opinion about where I might want to work later, and which departments or positions are attractive to me. In our weekly leadership calls with the team, each department and its strategic goals were explained in-depth. Here I had the possibility to ask any questions.

Which of the Celonis values matters most to you?

If I have to choose, it is FISA - Focus, Invent, Simplify, Act. FISA is particularly practical in making your work easier. It helps you tackle complex problems and keeps you reinventing your daily work to make it more pleasant and meaningful.

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Anna Förg
Anna Förg
Junior Talent Acquisition Marketing Specialist.

Anna Förg, Junior Talent Acquisition Marketing Specialist.

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