Celonaut Spotlight Header: Ekta Dubey

Celonaut Spotlight: Ekta Dubey, Senior Software Engineer

Passionate foodie, classical singer, and Celonis Software Engineer. Meet Ekta Dubey, one of our Munich-based Software Engineers in our Data Ingestion team.

With over six years of industry experience, Ekta shares her journey as a Software Engineer with us including the biggest challenges she’s faced and what she’d say to anyone considering joining the team.

Ekta D
Ekta Dubey
Senior Software Engineer

What does a typical day look like for you?

“In a hybrid culture, I have two types of typical days. One is an office day where I start with a coffee chat with my team members before our daily meeting. In this meeting, we discuss what we are going to do, how the previous day went, and if something is blocking us from moving forward. Then we have my favourite part, the free breakfast! 

Throughout the day, it's a mix of meetings and work. Our Munich office is located in a central location, so we often explore different restaurants for lunch. I realized I talk about food a lot, but that is one of my favourite parts of the office days! The other typical day is when I work from home. It's a similar day, but I replace leisure time with my team with family time.”

Ekta D Team Drinks

Tell me about your work as a Celonis Software Engineer.

“My team, Data Ingestion, are at the starting point which means getting data from the source system, to make it available for processing. Our applications are responsible for real-time or scheduled ingestions of data from source systems to our DataLake. The applications make sure that the data is complete and accurate to the format that is required for further processing. Once data is available in DataLake, it can periodically or on command be transformed as per a client's preference, and can be loaded into our system. It is then available for process mining and data analysis.”

Modern business processes are incredibly complex. They run across a variety of systems that use different types of data, have different users, and belong to different departments. Most process mining tools provide a few different methods for getting this data from the underlying systems - with the most advanced organizations using real-time data ingestion to continuously sync process data. Celonis’ process mining technology allows real-time data ingestion with Ekta and her teams’ oversight, giving organizations a 360-degree view of their processes. 

What do you enjoy about working at Celonis?

“I’d have to say my team - I would say they're passionate, supportive, and fun! Plus there are always office events going on organized for all Celonauts and the team also organises events outside of work. Recently, we had our end-of-summer party via a beer garden meetup. I really enjoyed the party and though at one point it started raining heavily, it was still really good!”

Ekta - Engineering Team

As well as office events, another popular feature of the Munich office is the range of Celoclubs available to join, which are employee-run communities that anyone can set up. Whether you’re a fan of board games, learning languages, bouldering, or soccer, there’s something for everyone to get involved in at our Munich office. 

Why did you decide to join Celonis as a Software Engineer?

“Prior to joining Celonis, my domain was a little different as I was in the payments and banking sector. Initially, when I considered taking up a new challenge or changing my area of work I had quite an interest in data processing. I had started reading about it when I got a call from Celonis so I thought 'Let's give it a try!'"

Since I joined, it's definitely been more of a learning journey because the tools and technologies that are being used to process the data are completely different from what I was doing previously. Though the skills required are quite similar and I still use the Java language I’m used to, there are many new, small tools to use for different tasks that I've had to learn.

What challenges have you faced at Celonis so far? What have you learned from them?

“Celonis is the fastest-growing company that I've worked at, and with this comes our culture of continuous learning and improvement - which applies to our team too. We're continuously trying to make things more performant, resilient and reliable so there are always multiple projects going on at the same time that we want to deliver by a deadline. That was challenging to adapt to but with adequate support, it can be a great way to learn and I’ve been able to learn many new skills. Of course, learning about different technology and a new domain can also be challenging - but in a fun way!"

Personal growth is part of our DNA and part of our ambitious, high-performance culture. In order to support all employees in grasping these growth opportunities, we are continuously evolving our Learning & Development landscape which now includes a global learning curriculum, career development learning tracks, two technical skills libraries for engineers and much more.

Watch this short video to learn more about Learning and Growth at Celonis. 

What would you say to someone thinking of joining Celonis? 

“I would say, just be yourself, be curious, and be ready to get to meet some really cool people! It's also important to put your ideas forward because the people that I have met so far, are all very accommodating and consider your ideas and discuss them with you. If everyone finds your idea interesting, it will be explored and implemented. So it's really important to open up because your idea might change the way we work.” 


👩‍🚀 Ekta joined our Munich office in January 2023 as a Software Engineer in our Data Ingestion team. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Engineering from the Arya College of Engineering. She is a passionate engineer and dedicated mother, and in her free time, she enjoys writing poetry and singing North Indian classical music. Looking for an engineering role to take your career to the next level? We’re hiring globally.

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