Jacob Dion: Celonaut Spotlight

Celonaut Spotlight: Jacob Dion, Solutions Architect

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, and now flourishing in the One World Trade Center in New York is Jacob Dion, one of our Solutions Architects who develops custom solutions for the world's largest companies.

Learn more about his contributions to our Services team, the inspirations that led him to a career in tech, and why he believes you could be the perfect fit to join Celonis in this spotlight.

Jacob Dion
Jacob Dion
Solutions Architect

What is a Celonis Solutions Architect?

Our Solutions Architect team is responsible for the technical onboarding of our customers to our platform and setting up the data integration pipeline together with our customers. Solution Architects ensure our product is put into operations in the best possible way to create value for our customers. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

“A typical day would be involved with both internal and external syncs on different projects. As a Solutions Architect, I lead client onboarding and enablement sessions that deal with anything technical. We also primarily deal with setting up the data pipeline from the system that we’re looking to pull information from and place it into the Celonis platform. So what this really helps us do is bring our team up to speed, and more importantly, the client up to speed.”

After five years at your last company, what convinced you to switch to Celonis?

“I was looking for career growth and I wanted something new - and Celonis provided that opportunity for me! When I was looking at the application, I was really excited about the company itself, how quickly it was growing, and what it had to offer me. I was also really excited to move to New York City to work and live here because it’s a really exciting city. So it aligned with both my personal and career goals and it’s been a really exciting company to work for so far!”

Paint and Sip NYC

The land of opportunity provided exactly what it advertised to Jacob. Our New York office in the One World Trade Center is home to over 300 Celonauts, many of whom Jacob now calls friends. The hub is not just where the hard work gets done; it's a canvas for collaboration and creativity. Our Workplaces team ensures a lively atmosphere with events like Paint & Sips, Holiday celebrations, and more – providing plenty of opportunities for Celonauts to connect and engage with one another.

Describe your team in three words.

“First. I would say dedicated. We always put the client first and want to make sure that the solutions we provide are the best possible. I’d also say fun! We’re a smaller group of 5-6 and we’re all pretty close. We definitely have a good time when we clock in so that’s always great. Then I’d have to say innovative as well. We have a pretty unique role where we get to implement the product and gain client feedback, and then escalate it internally to make the changes that the client likes to see as well.“

Jacob Dion and Team

What is your proudest moment at Celonis so far?

“My proudest moment so far was setting up a hive data connection with Kerberos authentication for a large Fortune 500 company. This was a technically challenging data pipeline to configure with Hive because there are compatibility issues with the driver and we don’t support Kerberos natively out of the box. So we really had to go above and beyond to build a custom solution for a really big client. And as a team, we managed to configure a really unique and novel solution which I was really excited and proud to be part of!” 

Live for Customer Value. It’s not a phrase; it’s a commitment. Each day, he dedicates himself to upholding this fundamental Celonis value, playing a vital role in the success of our 1500+ customers. Explore our customer success stories to witness firsthand how, through the transformative power of process mining, we've already saved companies over a billion dollars in inefficiencies.

Who have been your inspirations to pursue the career you have today?

“One of the main ones would be my previous director, Vadim Nechadim. I connected with Vadim when I was in a career I wasn’t really happy with while he was starting something of his own. He was the first one to really encourage me to pursue a career in tech and through the 5 years that we worked together he taught me a lot, we grew from just one to dozens of clients, and he was a great mentor for me. He instilled a passion for tech in me that I still have to this day.”

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Reflecting on his transformative experiences under Vadim's guidance, Jacob’s journey in tech found firm footing. Now, let’s shift the spotlight to the impactful relationships he's cultivated at Celonis.

“I’d also have to say my team lead Omer, and my technical onboarding buddy Jack at Celonis. They definitely lead by example with their incredible work ethic and the contributions and innovations that they provide are just as great. Being able to work with them closely and have them guide me throughout my journey here has been a big inspiration to me.”

How have you grown professionally while on your team?

“As far as professional growth, I have a much stronger technical understanding from working with some of these larger clients and some of the more challenging projects that I’ve been a part of. There’s also a certain way that you need to approach projects and manage certain clients, particularly from Fortune 500 companies, with a delicate hand. So, I’ve definitely got a stronger technical background now, as well as improved soft skills that help me manage various clients and projects.”

One of the most exciting parts of working within a new category of technology is that there are no experts. In this ever-evolving landscape, we are pioneers, learning, building, and crafting groundbreaking solutions daily, striving to build a generational company - and that’s why need innovators like Jacob. To support our growth, we support our people's growth. That's why we invest in all Celonauts' personal growth and skill development through mentorship programs, internal mobility opportunities, learning and development platforms and more. 

Tell me something most people don't know about you.

“I didn’t move to New York alone, but I actually moved with my good friend from Toronto! In fact, we’re planning to take a 6-8 pottery class in Brooklyn soon. So I’m looking forward to spending more time with my buddy and working with some clay.”

Interested in what a day in the life of Jacob looks like? He recently took us through a typical day in the office and how he spent his evening in NYC in the short video below.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining Celonis?

“I would say do it! There's a great company culture here based on our strong values, strong ethics, and a great management team. With the company continuously growing, you can grow with it. Even though the company does feel very big at some times, I would say that we’re a really tight-knit community and your contributions and innovations will be recognised.”

👩‍🚀 Jacob is a Computer Systems Engineer with leadership experience in designing innovative business solutions for private and public sector clients. Skilled in system engineering, cloud computing, data processing, and virtualization. In his free time, he loves to explore and try new things whether it’s local farmers markets or new fitness activities.

The Celonis Services team is growing. If you’re ready to take the next step in your career, check out our open roles below.

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Jay Stenstrom
Jay Stenstrom
Intern Talent Acquisition Marketing

Jay Stenstrom is a Talent Acquisition Marketing Intern at Celonis. Based in the UK, he’s pursuing a Marketing degree where he’s found a love for creative writing. Fueled by his passion for bringing our people’s stories to life, Jay works with Celonis employees to spotlight their successes, showcase typical days in their lives, and what it’s like to be part of Team Celonis.

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