Jonas Haas

Celonaut Spotlight: Jonas Haas, Solution Engineer

Celonaut, Jonas Haas joined #TeamCelonis in January of 2020 as a Junior Data Science and Management Consultant and has progressed into a Solution Engineer.

Jonas tells us about what it was like to be one of the first employees to join our Center Of Excellence program, advice to those who are just starting out in their career, and what makes working at Celonis special for him!

Jonas Haas
Jonas Haas
Solution Engineer

What makes working at Celonis special for you?

The reason that brought me to Celonis in the first place was the amazing product and the idea of using this technology to support customers around the world in achieving their goals. But what excites me even more now is the captivating team spirit and working with so many dedicated and smart people.

Which advice would you give to less experienced talents who are just starting their career?

I think the key is to find a job that not only excites you but also challenges you in several ways. This way you can make sure to keep the learning curve steep, even beyond the first months of your career. This should also include surrounding yourself with a diverse team where you can learn from many different people. So just be open-minded and at the same time don’t get frustrated by mostly working with more experienced people, but use it as a chance to learn from them with the goal to catch up as fast as possible.

Which key qualifications should applicants have to join your department?

To help our customers with their complex problems, a solution-oriented way of thinking is essential. This does of course require a good understanding of their business, but more importantly the ability to transfer that understanding into technical solutions. And since we are working in a fast-changing environment, it is crucial to have the ability to adapt and learn fast with a continuous motivation to tackle new challenges.

What challenges do you face every day and how do you deal with them?

One of the biggest challenges is probably to manage all the upcoming topics during a day or for the week. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize my tasks the right way and make smart decisions about where to focus my time and energy, which is not always easy of course. And whenever I am facing challenges where I need advice or additional help, I can always count on support from my team and other Celonauts from around the globe.

What does a typical day at Celonis look like for you?

I am not sure if the “typical day” within my job even exists, since what I would call a typical day this week might look quite different a few months from now. But in general, it is filled with client and partner meetings where we mostly discuss upcoming or ongoing projects and in between, I manage all the other tasks like the actual implementation for these projects. This might include transforming data with SQL, analyzing processes within Celonis or preparing a management presentation.

Describe your team at Celonis in three words.

Smart, ambitious, supporting.

You are one of the first employees starting in our new Center of Excellence for international tech talent in Madrid. Tell us, what is unique about Madrid and joining Celonis there?

This will be huge! I am so excited to be part of the first team building our Center of Excellence in Madrid. It is a unique opportunity to build the foundation for a global hub that supports Celonis in so many different areas and to have a great impact on how we will actually do it. And not to forget about the great city with all its possibilities.

👩‍🚀Jonas, Data Scientist for the Center of Excellence in Madrid, joined Celonis in January 2020 in Munich. Jonas studied Business Informatics at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University and gained previous work experience as an SAP Inhouse Consultant.

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