A day in the Life of Jorge Ferrer

A Day in the Life of a Celonaut: Jorge Ferrer, SVP of Engineering & Madrid Site Leader

Based in Madrid with a high passion for learning new things, Jorge Ferrer joined #TeamCelonis in November 2021. He brings a strong spirit and expertise in software development, agile methodologies, and building teams to Celonis.

Recently, he walked us through what a day in his new role looks like and some of his latest hobbies and favorite podcasts. Meet Jorge, an amateur pianist, husband, dad, and Celonaut.

Jorge Ferrer portrait
Jorge Ferrer
SVP of Engineering and Site Leader, Spain

How do you start your day?

I wake up around 7:00 AM and get up to speed with the world via Twitter and Refind - my favorite way to find articles. I have breakfast with my kids and drive them to school while listening to music. Most days, I have to convince my son not to listen to the song “The Final Countdown” one hundred times.

Then I go to the Celonis office nearby or drive back home while listening to an audiobook or podcast such as “TED Radio Hour,” “Coffee Break,” or “Crypto Birds.” Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are all working remotely now, but when possible, I like going to the office to meet people face-to-face and have lunch with teammates.

Do you like to structure your workday in a certain way?

I use a tool called “Any do” to keep track of my tasks, and I try to reserve two hours in the morning to get work done. I also try to schedule my one-on-one meetings and other important sessions before lunch whenever possible to ensure that I am at one hundred percent.

I spend a lot of time writing documents and talking with my team in meetings, email, and Slack. One thing that I really like about my work is that I'm surrounded by people who are not only super bright but also friendly and get the best out of me.

When at the office, we often have lunch at Honest Greens, and when I'm working from home, I try to have lunch with my wife if she's doing the same. After lunch, I go back to my desk and usually have more meetings and documents to read and write.

What do you do after work?

After work, I believe it's important to disconnect by doing different activities that I enjoy. I usually play or read with my kids. Once a week, I have tennis training, my favorite sport. I love learning. Since the pandemic, I started learning piano and I am proud of my progress. In the evenings, I normally enjoy dinner with my family; my wife cooks, and I clean up. Later, I spend some time working through courses on Pluralsight, watching Netflix with my wife, or reading a book. Currently, I am reading Hail Mary, a science fiction novel. 

And this is what a day looks like for me.

👩‍🚀 Jorge Ferrer joined Celonis in 2021 as SVP Engineering & Site Leader Spain. Born in Madrid where he studied Telecommunications Engineering, Jorge has built his career developing innovative software products and growing outstanding teams who enjoy and feel proud of their work. Outside of work, Jorge loves playing tennis and spending time with his family, especially out in nature. __________________________________

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