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A Day in the Life of a Celonaut: Karly Zlatic, Manager Solution Engineering CoE in Raleigh

Karly joined #TeamCelonis in January of 2019 as a Solution Engineer. Today, she is heading up our Center of Excellence Program as a Solution Engineering Manager.

Karly walks us through her day, from how she kick-starts her morning, what her meetings may consist of, and what she does when she finishes work!

Karly Zlatic
Karly Zlatic
Solution Engineering Manager

How do you start your day?

Typically, I wake up and head straight to the gym. Today was "Bring a Friend Friday," so I brought my coworkers, Christian and Avery. They're both awesome Solution Engineers as well as workout buddies.

After the workout, I'll head home, take a shower, make a coffee, and then head upstairs to start my day. I do a "Wordle" for a little hit of dopamine.

What is your usual day like?

I start with creating my task list. Today was a day filled with meetings, so I was just making sure I had a little finalization for a task mining meeting I had with a customer as well as a couple of other internal meetings on different customers.

I'll usually eat some leftovers for lunch or make a quick lunch at home before I head into another meeting, maybe to help out with some new hires and training.

What do you do after work?

I'll make my dinner, then I'll sit, relax, and finish up the day.

👩‍🚀 Karly Zlatic is Celonis’ Solution Engineering Manager for the Center of Excellence Program, based in our Raleigh office! Before Celonis, she studied Applied Maths with a focus on Mind/Brain/Behavior with a minor in Psychology at Harvard University and applied Mathematics Business Analytics as a master's at Nottingham University in the UK. Outside of work, she loves to play soccer, go out for food to new restaurants with her partner, and go to the beach to surf!


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