Maximilian Blum & Óscar Ramos

Celonaut Spotlight: Maximilian Blum & Óscar Ramos, both Business Value Architects in Madrid

We love to learn more about you: Tell us a little about you…

Óscar: Personally, I was born and raised in Portugal which, as it is quite a small country geographically, really pushed me to travel internationally and that gradually became a passion of mine, with my go-to cities being New York and Toronto, in North America. As a wish list I hope to visit Japan and Australia soon, as I believe they must be amongst the most incredible places to see in the world. Professionally, I have worked in Management Consulting and Global Process Transformation areas, which allowed me to drive worldwide projects with teams of more than 10 different nationalities and roll-outs impacting more than 20 countries, as well as travelling often - with my work trip to China being by far the favorite one.

Max: Personally, I come from a multicultural context: Argentinian mother, German father, but born in Spain - lived in Guatemala, NYC, Budapest, and Mexico. That has made me appreciate differences among us, and has led to me to learn different languages: Spanish, German, English, French (and even had a go at Arabic, though, that didn't go well). Professionally, my experience has been in Management Consulting, working on international projects that focused around identifying growth strategies and realizing change management.

What makes working at Celonis special for you?

Óscar: Values and hypergrowth. For me what makes Celonis special, is its mindset combined with values and the way each product, project engagement and customer interaction absolutely reflect them – without exception. This is an amazing feature, that combined with the hypergrowth we are currently facing, really creates great learning opportunities and professional development – always with great people around!

Max: Start-up mindset, hypergrowth, innovative technology. I cannot agree more with Oscar: Celonis’ hypergrowth is embedded in the start-up mindset, which is a very special combination because it allows you to set your own limits: No one will hinder you from growing and, you know, the sky's the limit.

Which advice would you give to less experienced talent who are just starting their career?

Óscar: Learning and Networking. Develop a continuous learning and improving mindset – never stop growing your knowledge. Then, network! Networking is one of the most important things to kick-start your career, not only for job opportunities, but to get lessons learned from experienced professionals.

Which key qualifications should applicants have to join your department as a Business Value Architect?

Max: We need Management Consultants with more than 3 years of experience and with a passion for Value Identification, Business Case Analysis, Adoption, and Change Management. In Madrid we are currently an international hub looking for candidates who love to travel to different places within EMEA and are happy in a start-up environment where speed is part of our daily lives.

Óscar: So, if you believe you have the right profile and are aligned with the Celonis core values, we recommend you to have a look at our Careers Page, as we are currently hiring! Who knows, you might become a future Celonaut or even one of our team members as a Business Value Architect.

How does a typical day at Celonis look like for you?

Óscar: Value Experience. For example, yesterday I was working for an important Construction customer. After analyzing the data, I discovered a very tangible savings opportunity of 1M euros, if some specific changes were monitored around ‘Late Payments’ within Accounts Payable. Summarizing, we always have a structure of activities such as business value identification, adoption, and change management.

Max: ... and sometimes you find that a 1M euros opportunity that has just not been realized because people don't talk to each other and work in silos - that was my day recently. This is the reason why we work hard on change management and enablement, so that users themselves become advocates of change.

Describe your team at Celonis in three words.

Óscar: Value-Driven,  Results-Oriented, and Collaborative.

Max: Customer Dedicated, Innovative Thinker and Dynamic.   

Which of the Celonis values matters most to you and why?

Óscar: First let me enumerate our values: Life for Customer Value, The Best Team Wins, We Own it and Earth is our Future. All values are extremely important to every Celonaut. But for me there are two that are an integral part of everything I do within the BVA team: Living for Customer Value – so we always focus on delivering measurable and attainable results, we continuously see their success as our target – and the Best Team Wins - in everything we do, we always work as a team, focusing on the best skills of individuals and complementing each other.

Max: And we don’t forget the other 2 values: We Own It and Earth is our Future. We own it is about having a strong sense of ownership and passion about everything we do. Earth is our Future is our link to sustainability, ecological impact and social action. At Celonis we want to bring value to society with our product, our people and our actions.

You are one of the first employees starting in our new Center of Excellence for international tech talent in Madrid. Tell us, what it unique about Madrid and joining Celonis there?

Óscar: From the city perspective, I truly believe it is one of the best cities to live and work in – great opportunities, people, infrastructure, and social life. And this sets the perfect context for the new Center of Excellence, where we are already seeing amazing talent, values and opportunity growth at a global scale. I could not be more excited to be here!

Max: As you know by now, I am from Madrid and I can just hope people get to see Madrid´s special touch: Its global, metropolitan and vibrant side (AZCA, IE University, South Summit, Google Campus, etc.) makes it a European Business Center. But it has a second, very down to earth and authentic side (Rastro market, Retiro park, Ponzano bars, … just to mention a few sights). And we get the chance to live in this balance, and help clients all over Europe - and that's just amazing.

Óscar joined Celonis in Sept. 2020 as a Senior Business Value Architect. He gained previous working experience as a Strategy Consultant at Deloitte and in Global Process Transformation at adidas. Óscar holds an Economics degree from Católica in Porto and is originally from Portugal.

Max also joined Celonis in Sept. 2020 as a Business Value Architect. With an International Relations major from Maastricht University he gained previous working experience as a Consultant at Deloitte. Max is half Spanish, half German with Argentinian roots.


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