Rafael Carlet

Celonaut Spotlight: Rafael Carlet, Customer Value Senior Manager, Brazil

What makes working at Celonis special for you?

Celonis has the energy of a startup company, with the expertise of a senior enterprise. While having flexibility to drive value tied to the customer’s specific strategic goals, we are also based on a solid business with years of know-how. Personally, this match enables us Celonauts to dive into several different industries (From CPG, Medical, Industrial, Services, etc.), from different process perspectives (P2P, O2C, AP, AR, H2R, ITSM, etc.) and learn something new every day. At the same time, this rich experience is extremely rewarding as it enables a tangible quick time-to-value, supporting customers around the world in achieving their goals and increasing productivity. Also, believing in the product you deliver is key. During my first days, I’ve learned to never underestimate the power Celonis has to unveil process optimization opportunities that have been happening since forever and people just (painfully) live with it. Do you recall the last time you have been to a noisy place? After some time, you just stopped noticing the sound, but I bet when it halted you felt a big relief, right? This association describes one of the most special moments I frequently face at Celonis. After uncovering an inefficiency that has been happening for years, the process owners are amazed on how they’ve worked for years without the visibility Celonis offers. These regular “ahá moments” are extremely gratifying and mark my days at Celonis.

Which advice would you give to less experienced talents who are just starting their career?

During the first steps of the career, we generally struggle to define which course we should do, or which company to work for and leave in the background how we should make it happen. From my experience, I can say that behaviors like accountability are really what makes you stand out from the crowd. Technical and hard skills are important, but ownership is the key to deliver great results. There will always be challenges down the road, but if the team treats the challenge as their own breed, they will go the extra mile to achieve a remarkable outcome. Not only that, a professional that owns the project generates trust, and is always a great player add to the team. Aligned with that, Celonis recently launched its values and among them we have: “We Own It.” When the company you work for has the same value as your key belief, it is another proof you are at the right place.

Which key qualifications should applicants have to join your department?

To be a great Customer Value Manager, having empathy and a sense of priority are key factors due to the constant need to read the customers’ needs and coordinate the team to work towards the delivery. This way we can focus on the solution that will bring more and faster value to the customer using an efficient amount of resources. #FISA #FocusInventSimplifyAct Not only that, in my perspective, it is also important to enjoy and be an efficient problem solver, as you constantly must find new ways of achieving the customers' goals. Finally, it is very important to be comfortable with creating a network and teamwork, as communication is essential to deliver results in an efficient way.

What challenges do you face every day and how do you deal with them?

Celonis is the market leader for the new category it is creating, a category which some years ago could not even be imagined. One of the most exciting aspects of breaking new ground is that you hardly can predict the challenges ahead, and during most of the cases the reaction needs to happen fast. For example, during COVID several businesses were severely affected and in general, an analytics solution is not a priority under those circumstances. Due to assertive decisions and positioning, Celonis proved itself as a great asset to Optimize Working Capital, Identify Supply Chain Alternatives, and even support companies procuring materials to protect their employees! Reacting quickly converted the challenges into opportunities and proved Celonis as a mission-critical platform during a crisis period.

How does a typical day at Celonis look like for you?

One of the most exciting aspects of working at Celonis is that there is no typical day. By the moment I came on board, I knew that the job description could be synthesized into one sentence: Make it happen. Specifically, the CVM position at Celonis goes beyond an Account Management role. Celonis being a data-driven company, the role is also hands-on and insight-oriented, being responsible to lead result-driven actions which provide great autonomy and personal improvement opportunities. Being more specific, the daily job goes from meeting with the customer to understand their pains and initiatives, to leading hands-on Value Realization Workshops with data-driven saving opportunities and finally organizing group discussions to share the knowledge between customers in the community. All of these can happen in a single day!

Describe your team at Celonis in three words.

Make it Happen!

You are one of a few Celonauts in Brazil – mostly working remotely. What is so special about this market?

As we strongly believe in the product and as it has already been proved on several reference customers, being one of the first Celonauts in the region enables us the unique opportunity to have a high impact active role on the company growth. Brazil has a huge potential with companies from a wide range of industries that are tied to the geography like Oil&Gas, Agroindustrial, Mining, etc., and having top-notch groundbreaking technology backing it up, there is a perfect and unique fit. Besides the regional companies, the LATAM region is a key geography for global companies. Proving that, we have examples of multinational billion-dollar companies that had the contract signed on US/Europe, picked LATAM to start the deployment and could drive opportunities that are role model for the rest of the organization worldwide. #GoLATAM

Rafael, Customer Value Senior Manager, joined Celonis in Nov. 2019 in Brazil. Rafael has a major in Electronic Engineering and gained previous working experience in the field of Telecommunications and Technology in multi-cultural environments.

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