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A Day in the Life of a Celonaut: Rohit Kumar, Senior Consultant

What does a Consultant's typical day look like? Meet Rohit Kumar, one of our Senior Consultants based out of Bangalore who’s helping customers make their dreams a reality with the power of our process intelligence technology.

In this article, Rohit shares with us how he starts his day, what he gets up to in the office, and how he likes to unwind after work.

Rohit Kumar Headshot
Rohit Kumar
Senior Consultant

What does your morning look like?

“My day starts early in the morning by spending some time in the aquarium with my fish and having a healthy breakfast. Our office opens at 10, and I’m someone who loves going to the office. I get the chance to meet my fellow Celonauts and spend some quality time with them!”

Our vibrant team in India has over a hundred Celonauts who organize regular in-office events, activities and celebrations across the year. These include Fit Fridays, theme park trips, as well as celebrating special days such as Diwali, Friendship Day and more. 

India Friendship Day 2022

What does a typical workday look like as a Consultant?

“As a Technology Consultant, I design and validate an innovative approach to analysis and execution according to our customer objective for process improvement. I also provide technical support to our customers on technical consulting-related inquiries.”

Rohit is part of our Services team - a strategic organization focused on the technical aspects of our customer journey and thought leadership through deep product, technical and domain expertise.

“In my breaks, I try to find some time for my favourite drink, green tea, which keeps me fresh and recharges me for the day.” 

We provide various snack and beverage choices in our offices to make sure our teams are fueled and energized. There are also weekly in-office gatherings after work for socializing and fun activities for all Celonauts in our Bangalore office.

How do you relax after work?

“I love playing table tennis, and playing with the team is always fun! After I get home from the office, I like to spend some quality time with my family to end the day.”

India Table Tennis

Rohit, one of our table tennis champions, loves to organize in-office games with his colleagues after work. Thanks to his efforts, our India team has become more than just colleagues; the team are friends outside of work too.

👩‍🚀 Rohit Kumar is a Senior Technology Consultant with over five years experience in the industry. He has a Bachelor's in Engineering and a Master's in Business Administration. He’s passionate about process mining, as well as a dedicated content writer and YouTuber. In his free time, he loves long-distance running and playing table tennis with friends. 


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