Celonaut Spotlight: Samantha Allen

Celonaut Spotlight: Samantha Allen, Strategic Enterprise Account Executive, New York

Celonaut Samantha Allen joined #TeamCelonis in June of 2018 as an Enterprise Account Executive and has progressed her way in the company to Strategic Enterprise Account Executive.

Samantha talks to us about what makes Celonis special to her, the challenges she faces in her daily work, and which of the Celonis values matters most to her.

Celonaut Spotlight: Samantha Allen
Samantha Allen
Strategic Enterprise Account Executive

What makes working at Celonis special for you?

I continue to be impressed by the executive team at Celonis. They’ve created a unique and industry-leading company with a product that brings tremendous value to customers, which in turn is incredibly rewarding. I also appreciate the way they strive to keep employees motivated and happy. I’m proud to be part of the Celonis team!

Tell us, what is unique about being an Account Executive at Celonis?

I did not fully understand the hype around the product and the trajectory of Celonis until I engaged in conversations with our current customers and prospects. There’s a natural understanding that what Celonis brings to the market is groundbreaking, and is revolutionizing the way businesses are run. The product that we sell at Celonis is a salesperson’s dream!

What challenges do you face every day and how do you deal with them?

Celonis is a disruptive technology that requires customers to think differently about the way they are running their business. Each customer situation is unique, and it requires strategic thinking to evangelize, partner and educate stakeholders to think about how Celonis can solve critical business challenges. Potential customers naturally hit roadblocks when they work to bring a technology like Celonis into their organization. It’s important for me to work with my counterparts to determine how I can support their journey and overcome these roadblocks together. This could be through demos, sharing customer use cases and success stories, developing a business case through a value assessment, or facilitating proof of value.

Describe your team at Celonis in three words.

Smart. Devoted. Good Humored.

Which key qualifications should applicants have to join the Sales department?

In addition to the typical qualifications of a successful salesperson, it’s important for applicants to think big and set high expectations for themselves. Sales determine how fast and how big the business at Celonis grows. It’s also important to be committed to going above and beyond what’s required to support customers’ needs.

Which of the Celonis values matters most to you and why?

There’s a very clear answer to this and it’s that The Best Team Wins. The Celonis culture points everyone in the organization to the same goal, which allows for the most collaborative working environment, and it’s something I really appreciate. Every division of Celonis is driving value for customers and is always willing to support any effort. The Best Team Wins at Celonis!

👩‍🚀 Samantha has been with Celonis for almost four years now. Before joining TeamCelonis, Sam already gained several years of working experience in Sales and Sales Management. Outside of work Sam is always up for a run, she loves travelling and exploring the great cuisine of New York Restaurants.

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