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How We Will Reimagine Work Beyond the Pandemic

A Letter from Celonis Chief People & Culture Officer

This year took the world by surprise. At Celonis, our immediate response was to ensure the health and safety of our Celonauts. From there, we quickly rolled out a COVID-19 Care program for our customers. But that’s just the beginning. We are at a crux of defining the next normal, and as a company, are evaluating how we can reimagine the way we work beyond the pandemic. As other companies were forced to let their people go, we strongly committed to no COVID-19 related layoffs or hiring freezes. Instead, we continue to grow and hire top-notch talent: diverse, passionate, humble, curious, relentless in our path to growth. We are in a financially strong position and continue to invest in our business and our people. Keeping employees engaged is a key priority, so we just committed to a multi-million dollar investment in a more flexible and engaging work environment to rethink the future of work. To ensure #TheBestTeamWins, this includes:

  • Mindfulness tools, such as Headspace

  • Monthly remote working stipends

  • Personal development workshops with topics ranging from resilience and well-being to leading teams virtually

  • COVID-19 related company-wide additional days off

At Celonis, we are committed to discover our best way forward for an innovative, workplace ecosystem - a workplace that supports every Celonaut. These investments are just the beginning of our journey. No matter the challenges we face, we lead with our values. At Celonis, we believe our people make us who we are and how we deliver value to our customers. And we are committed to an inclusive environment of psychological and physical safety, health, and well-being. We’re hiring. Learn more and view jobs here.

Best, André

André Heinz --author image
André Heinz
Chief People and Culture Officer

Responsible for our People and Culture organization to develop top-tier talent and create a culture where all Celonauts can grow, learn, and lead.

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