How Xerox Is Driving Data-driven Sustainability with Celonis
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How Xerox Is Driving Data-driven Sustainability with Celonis

Xerox has one of the most storied histories in all of enterprise. Here’s how Celonis is helping the company build on over 100 years of innovation and transformation.

As Xerox’s Steve Bandrowczak very eloquently put it during a fireside chat at Celonis World Tour 2021, “change today is happening faster than yesterday. But it’s also the slowest it will ever be in our careers going forward.”

It’s a very positive way of looking at the rising tide of shifts, transitions, and digital transformations that today’s business leaders need to stay ahead of. And it’s exactly the kind of perspective you’d expect from the President and Chief Operating Officer of a company that’s been through one of the most remarkable and successful evolutionary journeys in all of enterprise.

As that journey continues, we spoke to Steve about the role Celonis is going to play in the next chapters of Xerox’s storied history.

Harnessing data in motion to make decisions at the speed of software

Steve has been a long-time advocate for organizations to move at the speed of       software. To make that happen today, you can’t simply rely on static and historical data — you need to be able to process, understand, and learn from data in motion. And that’s a key area where Celonis, with its real-time data ingestion capabilities, is already helping Xerox today.

“The consumer world and the enterprise world are colliding. Netflix, Amazon, Alibaba, and thousands of other innovators have set a new expectation of what good looks like, and now we need to bring that into the enterprise,” said Steve. “What our customers are looking for — and what Celonis brings — are insights that can help us make decisions to improve processes and experiences before we even ask for them.”

Challenging over 100 years of innovation and evolution

Xerox has been in business for more than 100 years. Its long history has helped it establish a reputation and a level of respect and recognition that very few in its industry — or any other industry for that matter — can mirror. 

But, with a long history comes a long list of processes that need to be continuously challenged to keep them efficient, effective, and optimized by today’s standards.

“What’s really great about the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) and the Celonis experience is you challenge us to think,” Steve said. “You help us continuously think about what good looks like for software businesses today, and how things need to change to reach that definition of good, instead of just aiming for something like a 5% increase in efficiency.”

Supporting a more sustainable future for Xerox

Sustainability is a key theme across Xerox’s strategy today, and Celonis is actively helping the company utilize data to make precise, well-targeted decisions that can cut emissions and waste, while improving results and experiences for customers.

The best example of that is Xerox’s software business, CareAR — a company that uses augmented reality and AI technology to optimize field and customer service delivery. By analyzing vast quantities of customer service data, looking at which issues customers called about most frequently, and how challenging those issues were to resolve, Celonis helps identify the highest probable calls to be resolved remotely. This can instantly deflect costly dispatches and reduce time-sensitive resolutions, utilizing Xerox’s new CareAR technology.

“If we can resolve an issue right there in our call center, we can prevent a truck from ever needing to roll,” said Steve. “The insight that Celonis brings into the types of calls we’re getting, and what we could gain by resolving common issues remotely is incredibly important.”

Watch our full fireside chat with Steve from Celonis World Tour 2021 now and find out more about Xerox’s Celonis EMS and Process Mining journey. Plus, learn exactly how we’re working together to help drive sustainability across the enterprise’s operations.


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