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Process mining software: Celonis Marketplace makes it easy to find the perfect solution

The Celonis Marketplace provides innovative resources that empower your people to drive business transformation. Working with our Ecosystem Partners, we’re constantly improving the Marketplace–improving the interface, rolling out new features and adding new modules. Since 2021, we’ve introduced a new Homepage, improved search and filter options, redesigned the app detail pages, added a “favorites” feature and made it easier for users to request app installation from admins. Today, we’re launching a new UX that integrates the Marketplace into the Celonis platform, and two new improvements, Partner Landings and Accelerator Packages.

“The Celonis Marketplace is the digital hub for hundreds of high-quality, pre-packaged process mining apps and solutions,"  said Jorge Llerena, Global Marketplace Lead. "Our new 'Meet our Partners' section and Accelerator Packages make it easier than ever to connect with the Celonis Partner Ecosystem and find the perfect solution to help you uncover hidden value opportunities, improve execution capacity and drive rapid cash impact."

What is the Celonis Marketplace?


The Celonis Marketplace is more than an app store. It’s your destination for the solutions and expertise that lets you deliver business value and reach new levels of performance. Accessible directly through the Celonis platform, the Marketplace contains hundreds of assets, divided into four types:

  • Apps: Analyze, view and act on your data

  • Connectors: Connect to sources systems, bring data into Celonis and create a data model to be used by Apps

  • Experiences: Push Celonis insights into third-party tools and platforms, like Microsoft Power BI

  • Action Flows: Define and trigger automated actions in your operational systems

Celonis users can enter the Marketplace by clicking the Marketplace icon in the navigation bar.

Once you’re in the Marketplace, you’ll be able to filter the assets by department, industry, process, business area and source system. You can search for resources or use the Homepage to see recommendations for the most popular and successful free and paid apps. You can also watch videos on how Celonis customers are achieving success with apps and learn how you can realize similar results.

Celonis Marketplace

Celonis Marketplace makes finding the right process mining solution easy.

Within the Marketplace, you’ll find resources created by both Celonis and our Ecosystem Partners. Whether you want to improve working capital through your accounts receivable or accounts payable processes or optimize your supply chain we’ve got you covered. And because new offerings from Partners are being added all the time, we’ve launched Partner Landings and Accelerator Packages to help you find and deploy them more quickly and easily.

What are Celonis Partner Landings?

Partner Landings allow Celonis Ecosystem Partners to showcase their unique value proposition, use cases and Marketplace offerings.

Celonis Marketplace Meet our partners

Celonis Marketplace "Meet our partners"

Each Partner Landing page is a digital storefront where Partners can display their Apps, Connectors and Accelerator Packages. In addition, they can share relevant details, such as, industries, locations and languages. Partners can also highlight their areas of expertise and share customer success stories through article and video content.

Celonis Customers will be able to find the new Partner Landing pages through the existing Marketplace search options and via a new “Meet our Partners” page, which is launching with Partner Landings.

Celonis Marketplace Accenture partner landing page

Celonis Marketplace Partner Landing page

To qualify for a Landing page, Celonis Partners must have at least three apps available in the Marketplace and have reached a Service Level of Silver or higher. Interested Partners should reach out to their Celonis representative to find out if they qualify and how to participate in the program.

What are Celonis Accelerator Packages?

Accelerator Packages are pre-packaged offerings from Ecosystem Partners designed to solve a specific, repeatable use case. Each Accelerator Package combines the relevant Partner apps, Celonis licenses and the implementation hours necessary to deploy the solution.

Celonis Marketplace Accelerator Package - Procurement Transformation with IBM Garage Jumpstart

Celonis Marketplace Accelerator Package: Procurement Transformation with IBM Garage Jumpstart

The Accelerator Package detail page can include a description, business goal(s), relevant industry(ies), included Apps, benefits/impacts and use cases.

Partner Landings and Accelerator Packages availability

As of publication, qualified Celonis customers can access Partner Landings and Accelerator Packages pages through the Marketplace. Non-Celonis customers will be able to access Partner Landings and Accelerator Package pages in the future.

To learn more about Celonis, Marketplace and Ecosystem Partners, check out the following resources:

You can also join our Celopeers Community, subscribe to our newsletter (below) and visit the What’s New section in the Celonis platform.

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